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A hunter's clothing is an important - if not THE most important - part of his hunting equipment: with the right hunting clothing, you can optimally meet the special requirements in the hunting ground.

At Pirscher Shop you will find a large selection of high-quality and functional hunting clothing for men as well as hunting clothing for women - carefully compiled by hunters for hunters.

Hunting clothing basics: What belongs in the hunting wardrobe?

We know from our own hunting experience: Above all, a hunter needs practical clothing to ensure that the joy of hunting remains undiminished. Regardless of the type of hunting, hunting ground or personal preferences, the following items of clothing belong in the hunting wardrobe:

  • Hunting jackets: A lighter, wind & waterproof all-purpose hunting jacket (as quiet as possible) and a warmly lined winter hunting jacket 
  • Hunting trousers: A pair of wind- & waterproof hunting trousers (ideally low-noise and lightly lined) and a pair of robust work trousers
  • Midlayer: Fleece jackets, hunting shirts or hunting sweaters are suitable as a warming midlayer or outer layer on mild days
  • Hunting T-shirts for warmer hunting days and sweaty field work
  • Signal clothing for social hunts (at least one orange hunting waistcoat, an armband is not enough!) 
  • A set of functional hunting underwear
  • Cap or hunting hat as headgear 

Suitable footwear is also important: functional hunting shoes and hunting boots are therefore a must.

This basic equipment is rounded off with accessories, such as hunting gloves, hats, host straps and belts. Depending on the type of hunting, camouflage clothing in different camouflage patterns is also helpful.

➜ Tip: Pirscher Gear Allseason System
A system of modern technical hunting clothing that can be used in the right layering principle throughout the hunting year: that was our goal when we developed the Pirscher Gear Allseason System. All parts are optimally coordinated and rely on modern design, highly functional materials & intelligent functional elements.

The Top 10 Hunting Brands

The most popular clothing brands among hunters in our shop include

  1. Härkila
  2. Deerhunter
  3. Pinewood
  4. Hart
  5. Seeland
  6. Northern Hunting
  7. Fjällräven
  8. Sitka Gear
  9. Carinthia
  10. Blaser


Buy hunting clothing at Pirscher Shop

No matter what type of hunting you need clothing for: With us you will find exactly what you need. From hunting jumpers to hunting trousers and hunting boots, we carry for you, for example:

  • Clothing for battue & driven h unt in signal colours
  • Quiet clothing for raised hide hunting
  • Camouflage clothing for decoy hunting
  • Breathable hunting clothing for active hunting and stalking

Size advice when choosing clothing

A too tight or too wide fit of hunting clothing is quickly annoying and impractical when hunting and stalking. A comfortable fit is important because it ensures freedom of movement and protection. If you are unsure which clothing size is right for you, don't hesitate to call us.

We will be happy to measure the corresponding garment for you at the point in question, for example. This way we can make sure that the hunting clothes you want fit you perfectly and that you can wear them for hunting as soon as possible.

Fast delivery in 1-2 days

Our clothing for hunters and huntresses is delivered quickly and could be with you tomorrow! If the desired item is in stock and your order is received before 12 noon, will hand over your package to DHL on the same day!

Note: Cleaning hunting clothing properly

➜ Tip: It is important for the care of hunting clothing that it is washed only with fragrance-free detergent, if possible, so that the game cannot absorb your scent directly. Do not use detergents with optical brighteners to wash hunting textiles. This will help to preserve the camouflage effect and you will enjoy your new equipment for a long time to come.

Depending on the materials used, the washing instructions on the garment's care label should also be followed. Wool, for example, should be washed on the gentle cycle and not spun too hard.

Avoid washing too often; often a simple brushing out is sufficient. Machine washing in particular can impair the weather protection of garments with membranes. The water-repellent effect can be renewed with special impregnating detergents or wax.


Outdoor clothing not only for hunters

Of course, our clothing range is not only suitable for hunting. With our highly functional jackets, trousers and shoes, you are well equipped for any outdoor activity. Anglers, hikers and nature and wildlife photographers are also sure to find what they are looking for in our online shop. The camouflage look is particularly interesting for such activities.

Also browse our wide range of hunting equipment and accessories. There you will find many great products and offers. Also subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed when we get new hunting fashion and clothing brands in our online shop.

Of course, we will also help you with any other questions you may have about our hunting clothing by phone or email and will be happy to advise you on your selection as well.