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Hunting chair or stool - seating options for every (hunting) situation

On the hunt you often have to show patience. Game cannot be ordered to a certain place at a certain time. So we hunters have no choice but to wait.

In promising places you have probably already set up a hide. However, it is often worthwhile to sit in less frequented places.

Hideout chairs and hunting stools make your life much easier in such situations.

  1. You can sit comfortably and stay longer
  2. You protect yourself from the cold or wet ground
  3. In addition, it is much easier to shoot from a hunting chair

Moreover, in dynamic situations, getting up from a hunting chair is much quicker than from the ground.

Tripod stools and co: Whenever you have to wait a long time

You certainly know the situation: a driven hunt or a waterfowl hunt can be a lengthy affair.

If you are not allowed to leave your stand during the hunt for safety reasons and have no place to sit nearby, the hunt can quickly lose its appeal.

If you have a place to sit in such situations, you will last much longer and ultimately hunt more successfully.

three-legged stool or seat stick can be transported very easily and saves space. And it stands securely and without wobbling even on uneven ground and slight slopes.

In some modern hunting rucksacks the seat is even integrated (keyword: Sitzrucksack) and thus automatically always with you. Backpacks such as the Hillman Chairpack or the Härkila backpack chairs are comfortable to sit on for several hours.

Swivel or foldable? The main thing is small!

Depending on the area of use and your preference, hunting chairs are available as folding chair or swivel. Whatever you decide: Make sure that they are small enough to pack.

A small pack size of the hunting stool is of particular importance, because would you like to lug a clunky, heavy chair to the hunting spot next to the other hunting equipment?

The hunting stools in our range can therefore all be folded down to a small pack size and can also be conveniently stowed in most hunting rucksacks.

Do you have any questions about hunting chairs? Or can't decide which model is right for your needs?
Please feel free to contact us. We will advise you in detail.