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Gun Dog Supply

Everything for the hunting dog - in our gun dog shop!

Whether if it's a Münsterländer, Deutsch Drahthaar, Weimaraner, hunting terrier, dachshund, or, or, or: the gun dog is and remains the hunter's best friend. A common German hunting saying sums up the important role of the four-legged hunting helper. Thus it is often said:

"Hunting without a dog is just trash."

Just as important as the gun dog itself is suitable equipment for the work together:

Special dog leashes, collars and protective waistcoats provide the necessary safety, the right hunting dog food for sufficient energy. Even during hunting dog training, an experienced hunting dog handler does not want to miss useful accessories such as retrieving dummies. After all, hunting without the use of well-trained dogs is hardly conceivable, as the continuation of the proverb also shows:

"However, hunting with bad dogs is even more maltreated!"

What exactly is important when choosing the right hunting dog accessories?

1. The right hunting dog

Before it comes to choosing the accessories, the hunting dog must first be chosen correctly. The hunter is spoilt for choice among numerous dog breeds. Hunting dogs can be divided into retrieving dogs, pointing dogs, bloodhounds, ground dogs, hunting dogs (Bracken and pack dogs) and retrieving dogs.

When making a decision, it is not only a matter of good honest breeding. It is also important to choose the 'right' breed, because the future workmate should fit both the hunting master and the hunting field.

2. Accessories for successful hunting dog training

A valuable hunting companion dog must be well trained. Ideally, the training of the hunting dog should begin in puppyhood and the dog should be introduced to its future task in the hunting area in a playful manner, e.g. with dummies. Important accessories for the training of hunting dogs are drag or field leashes, which are used to train the dog to keep its distance from the handler.

Instruments such as leashes for learning how to walk on a lead or a tracking shoe for training the dog to work in the field  are helpful in preparing for the required hunting dog tests.

3. In hunting and hunting grounds: Safety is important

A responsible dog handler ensures that his hunting dog is always adequately protected.

Tracking is a particularly dangerous business. A sow protection waistcoat has saved the life of many a hunting dog in a fight with a boar, because it provides protection from the sharp canine teeth. If a pack of dogs is equipped with signal collars and high-visibility waistcoats, not only the visibility of the hunting dogs is improved. Safety also increases - especially during driven hunts or social hunts with several hunters.

4. Sufficient energy through good food

The work of a hunting dog is often exhausting. The right nutrition therefore plays a role that should not be underestimated. High-quality, energy-rich hunting dog food gives your four-legged companion the necessary strength and vitality. Special treats are valuable energy suppliers during the hunt.

After the hunt is before the hunt

The hunting dog does not only accompany the hunter in the forest and on the hunting ground. A complete hunting dog kit therefore also includes the equipment for safe transport in the hunting vehicle as well as, for example, a protective cover for the family car. At home, of course, neither the dog bed nor the dog bowl should be missing.

You will find all hunting dog accessories in our online shop - selected for you by hunters for hunters.