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Car accessories for hunting

These things should not be missing in any hunter's car

When the hunting equipment flies all over the back seat and the mudguards and floor mats are dirty, it is clear: you are sitting in a hunter's car.
Joking aside. There are certain other points by which you can definitely recognise a hunter's car, because these hunting accessories really should not be missing in any hunter's car.

Accessories for the hunting dog in the hunting car 

Hunting would only be half as beautiful and half as effective if we had to do without our four-legged helpers. Hunting dogs not only relieve us of a lot of work, they also enrich (hunting) life immensely. Whether tracking down game, retrieving it from the water or tracking welded game: dogs are used everywhere.

It goes without saying that the four-legged friend also gets its own place in the car. With a dog carrier such as the FarmLand dog carrier , the dog can be transported safely in the boot. The transport box has loops on the bottom of the box with which it can be securely fastened. Your dog is protected in it even in the event of an accident. The box also prevents the dog, which may still be wet and dirty, from jumping through the car.

If you prefer to transport your hunting dog on the back seat, but still appreciate clean car seats, you can help yourself with a car seat cover or car seat cover from the company FarmLand can help. The waterproof and dirt-repellent material reliably keeps the interior of your car clean.


Hunting safety - barrier tape

To prevent hikers or nature lovers from straying into the area of a social hunt, you should put up clear warnings along the access routes into the hunting area.
The easiest way to do this is with a barrier made of barrier tape with the inscription "Hunt". Tree felling work can also be secured with the help of barrier tape.

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