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Leashes and collars - how to guide your hunting dog correctly

As different as the various types of hunting are, so are the hunting dogs that accompany us on the hunt. The most diverse areas of use and characters of the dogs each require adapted dog leads and collars.

In addition to other dog accessories, you will find a wide selection of hunting dog leads and collars for all hunting needs at Pirscher Shop.

Leather leads and leather collars: Noble natural materials for your hunting companion

Leather is one of the most robust, but at the same time most supple and grippy natural materials.

Collars and dog leads made of leather have a very noble appearance and will also last a lifetime if cared for properly.

The AKAH comfort leash made of oil leather or the AKAH collar made of oil leather are premium products "Made in Germany" that you can flexibly adjust to your body size or the size of your dog.

Stalking leashes and co: Silent stalking with your dog

When stalking, a loudly jingling dog leash is a nuisance. To make use of your four-legged hunting helper's senses when stalking, you should go for special stalking leashes .

Stalking leashes do not have metal buckles and are usually equipped with an integrated pull-stop collar . This prevents metal noises. This avoids metallic noises, which the game can hear particularly far away, and the dog can be led very quietly.

Stalking leads are either made of leather, like the Whispering Lead Round Lead, of Biothane like the Mystique BioThane Stalking Lead or braided like the Mystique Neck Lead.

Welding collar and welding strap: Properly equipped for tracking

When tracking wounded game, everything is demanded of the material.

Long straps like the Niggeloh sweat leash allow the dog to work relatively freely in front of the handler, but do not break contact.

A wide dog collar, such as the Niggeloh sweat collar prevents too much pressure on the neck of the dog working tightly in the strap.

Another remedy is a dog harness or tracking harness , which completely relieves the dog's neck and throat.

If you have any questions about a product in our shop or are unsure which dog leash and collar is the right one for your hunting dog, please contact us. We will advise you in detail.