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Rifle case & rifle bag protect rifle and scope

Hunting requires a weapon that shoots accurately. To ensure that your rifle shoots precisely at all times, it needs special protection for the rifle and scope. A robust, lined rifle case belongs in the hunting equipment of every hunter.

At Pirscher Shop you will find a wide range of rifle cases that will provide excellent protection for your weapon.

Rifle case: Why every hunter needs one

You surely know it: During transport to the hunt or on the way to the pulpit you bump your gun against the car or the tree - and the uneasy feeling creeps over you that your gun might not shoot where you aim. With the loss of confidence in your gun, you also lose the possibility of hunting success.

A lined rifle case protects against such mishaps.

Rifle cases protect against moisture

A rifle case offers protection from the forces of nature: In a suitable rifle case, your rifle will reach the pulpit dry.

Moisture is a problem for many weapons. After a rain shower, it just drips from the trees. So after the hunt, the first thing to do at home is to clean and dry. Corrosion often attacks the metal parts of the rifle faster than you can clean it. 

If you don't want the stock wood and metal to suffer, carry your rifle in a case to the pulpit or the raised hide and avoid scratches in the stock wood or dirt on the optics. 

If you transport your rifle protected, you will definitely enjoy it longer.

Safety thanks to a case or rifle bag

Safety is a top priority in hunting - starting with the transport of the rifle.

Besides protecting the expensive weapon and optics, a rifle case also offers a minimum of safety. It protects against unauthorised access. With a small padlock on the zipper of the rifle case or a model like the Forest case with integrated combination lock, access to the weapon is initially only granted to you. 

If you have any questions about one of the sheaths or rifle cases in our shop or are unsure which model is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will advise you in detail.