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Accessories for raised hide hunting: the right equipment for long raised hide nights

The Stalking hunt is one of the most common types of hunting in Germany: the hunter sets up at a promising spot in the hunting ground, for example near a kirrung. Then the hunter waits for the game to arrive. In this type of hunting, the hunter usually hunts from a hide. 

The set-ups can look very different. They are each optimised for a specific purpose:

  • Driven hunt buck: As the name suggests, it is used for social hunting.
  • Ansitzleiter: It is inconspicuously attached to a tree.
  • High seat or Pulpit: Offers protection from wind and weather.

If you wait for game, you may have to wait a long time. You can make the waiting time much more pleasant with the right hunting accessories. 

The Ansitzsack - toasty warm even on cold nights

Especially at dusk, the temperature in the forest rises. In icy temperatures, a raised hide can quickly become a torment if you are not properly equipped. 

Because even the warmest hunting clothing can only keep the cold away from your body for a certain time. The longer you sit motionless, the more you cool down.

However, if you are dressed too thickly, you will start to sweat as soon as you start your hunt. The moisture on your skin will cause you to cool down more quickly and therefore freeze even faster.

This can be remedied by using a hunting bag: it is pulled over your normal hunting clothes when you go out on the hunt. The thickly lined loden hunting bags from Carinthia or Seeland insulate perfectly and are very quiet. This makes for a good night's hunting for wild boar or the winter fox!

Stamina significantly increased - the seat cushion

Which hunter doesn't know it? You have been sitting in the rustic high seat for several hours and shift your weight from one buttock to the other.But at some point you can't sit any more - and you break off the stalk. Perhaps just a moment too soon and you miss the wild boar.

seat cushion therefore belongs in every hunting backpack. It not only gives you a minimum of comfort on the raised hide, but also insulates against cold and moisture from below. Something that every hunter should have in his hunting equipment.

Do you have any questions about raised hide accessories or any of our products? Please feel free to call us! We will advise you in detail.