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Safety during the hunt: thanks to sow protection trousers and dog protection vest

Tracking and protective clothing are inseparable. Because safety for hunters and hunting dogs is the top priority.

Reliable search equipment therefore includes at least the following items

  • a thorn-proof hunting jacket in signal colours
  • sting-proof tracking trousers
  • good equipment for the bloodhound

Tracking - an important issue for hunting justice and animal welfare 

The search is considered to be the highest commandment of hunting justice. It can happen to every hunter that the shot is not where it should be and that the shot is not in the fire. The same is true after game accidents in road traffic, in which the animal has still opened up and fled.

In such cases, animal protection demands a follow-up search for the affected animal. Humans have always used the dog's nose to track down game , as it is far superior to the human nose.

there is a saying that "hunting without a dog is rubbish", and this is probably most true for tracking. Dogs specially trained for tracking can find the game even without a track visible to the hunter. And if necessary, they will set and tie it at the end of a hunt so that the hunter can apply the shot and the game is released.

Tracking equipment knows no compromise

Tracking  places the highest demands on hunting dog, handler and, last but not least, on the hunting equipment.

On the hunt there is no room for compromises. The handler must be able to rely on his equipment at any moment. What could be worse than having to interrupt - or even abort - a search because the hunting clothing is unsuitable for the area or part of the equipment can no longer withstand the strain? During a search, the handler must be able to concentrate on his dog. He should not have to struggle with his equipment. 

Searches often lead into impassable areas where you can only move on your knees or stomach and where thorns and bushes tear at your search clothing. In these thickets, everything is demanded of the clothing and equipment.

The right clothing: robust, waterproof and stab-resistant - preferably in signal colours

Clothing for tracking must be first and foremost: Robust

Thorns should not be able to penetrate the clothing and reach the skin. It is also often the case that you have to fight your way through wet or snow-covered thickets. The waterproofness of trousers and jacket is therefore also of particular importance.

The nonplusulstra for your safety: The sow protection trousers

When tracking wild boar, it is also advisable to wear stab-proof sow protection trousers such as the Hart Kernig-T trousers. In an emergency, they protect against blows from accepting sows. 

For safety and better localisation of the hunter, all tracking jackets and tracking trousers  are in conspicuous signal orange .

Everything for the hunting dog: It all starts with a good search harness

In our assortment you will also find a selection of high quality dog accessories especially for tracking and welding work. In addition to welding collarswelding straps and dog harnesses from established manufacturers, such as Niggeloh, the safety of your four-legged helper must of course not be neglected. 

Protective equipment for the hunting dog

Signal collars and Signal waistcoats provide the necessary safety for your dog by allowing him to be recognised at an early stage by the conspicuous colours.

If your dog works sharply on wild boar and may endanger itself in the process, you should put on a sow protection waistcoat made of Kevlar fabric . Such waistcoats are made of a stab-resistant material and protect the dog from injuries caused by sow strikes in the area of the torso.

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