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Hunting more successfully in a camouflage suit: Hunting cautious game 

Certain types of hunting require special camouflage for the hunter. The most practical for this is a camouflage suit.

Whether it is to get as close to the game as possible or to be seen as late as possible by approaching game: Camouflage suits have become an indispensable part of hunting. Camouflage makes hunting easier in many areas.

- Hunting corvids
- Hunting waterfowl
- Hunting pigeons
- Stalking
- roe buck hunt

And these are just a few examples where the successful hunter uses camouflage clothing.

Clothing with camouflage patterns - When it is indispensable

When hunting game from camouflage or cover, proper camouflage is of immense importance.

If the game sees the hunter from a distance, he will only be successful in exceptional cases. The right camouflage clothing in the appropriate camouflage pattern significantly increases success in these types of hunting.

When stalking, it is also important to see the game before it notices you.

Those who choose hunting clothing in camouflage look are already one step ahead of the game. Even if a movement by the hunter carelessly startles a piece of game: It often cannot perceive this as a danger, because camouflaged in the surroundings, the hunter cannot be located exactly.

Camouflage suit - light and flexible

Camouflage suits are universally suitable for many situations: Whether as a poncho or a cover-up suit - camouflage suits can easily be worn over normal hunting clothing and thus offer you the best possible camouflage in any hunting outfit.

Whether you are wearing thick winter clothing or a light summer outfit: you can always simply wear the camouflage suit over your normal hunting clothes.

Which camouflage suit for my hunt?

Which camouflage pattern you should use depends entirely on the conditions in your hunting area. The purpose of camouflage suits is to break up the hunter's contours and thus make him blur with his surroundings.

Snow camouflage patterns for hunting in icy areas

The snow camouflage patterns of the X-Jagd Poncho Tundra and the Pinewood Camouflage Suit - Realtree APS stand out, of course. They are ideal for hunting in snow or in icy areas and offer you the best possible camouflage there.

Camouflage suits for the forest - get closer in the deuce

Camouflage patterns such as Realtree APG or the Leafy 3D camouflage suit from Seeland are perfect for use in forests and in autumn where their brownish/bark-like nuances are captivating.

Camouflage in summer - camouflage suits with green tones

Greener camouflage patterns like those of Deerhunter's camouflage suits or the X-Jagd Poncho Woodland are perfect for hunting in the summer months. Their greener camouflage pattern perfectly conceals the hunter from green shrubs, meadows or even in the forest.

Realtree MAX-4 - insider's tip for hunting on the grain

Pinewood's camouflage suit in Realtree MAX-4, on the other hand, is ideal for hunting along watercourses, in reeds or dry grass.
Its reed-like 3D camouflage pattern camouflages you perfectly in these areas. A real insider's tip, this pattern is also perfect for hunting summer-ripe crops. For example, when stalking sows in the field or roe buck hunt on the buck standing outside in the field, the camouflage suit performs.

Do you have questions about a particular camouflage suit or are you looking for a specific camouflage pattern? We are happy to help you choose your camouflage suit.