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Fox hunting - tips and tricks for hunting the red predator

Whether it is to protect small game or to obtain excellent foxlets:
The hunt for Master Reinicke is insanely demanding and exciting at the same time. As different as the conditions in the hunting grounds are, as different are the hunting possibilities for the fox:

- Building hunt
- Trap hunt
- Hide and seek
- Snow stalk
- Lure hunt
- Drift hunt

This is only a part of the possibilities to outwit the red predators.

Spring/summer - lure hunting for young foxes

While the fox hunter in the small game area already hunts young foxes in the spring, for most hunters the hunt for foxes starts with the grass and grain harvest.

The stalking of young foxes in cut meadows or stubble fields, supported by the fox lure or the hare call, is the method of choice at this time.
The still inexperienced young foxes react well to the lure and thus considerable distances can be achieved at this time.

If you cannot hunt from a raised hide on these areas, you can use a mobile camouflage umbrella and camouflage clothing such as from the Sitkagear collection or an overallsuit from Deerhunter.

Successful together - hunting foxes in autumn

Autumn is the time for driving and driven hunts. The weather and visibility are often too bad for a hide and the foxes are relatively stealthy at this time.

There is also still enough cover and so the hunter concentrates on social hunts at this time.

Mustard drives or canvassing interesting spots in the forest often bring the desired success in autumn/early winter and one or the other fox can be surprised in its daytime den.

Winter is fox hunting season

Winter is the time of the fox hunter. Snow, rutting season and low vegetation make the foxes visible.

Decoy hunting with fox attractants and, during the rutting season, with fox attractants comes to the fore again during this time. The foxes are very active during this time and search large areas for food and mates.

Stalking rancid foxes - snow camouflage

Snow is also an excellent time to stalk foxes. During the rut, Master Reinicke is often out and about until late in the day. But even when the moon is full, you can cover large areas in a short time. Of course, the right camouflage is a must here. A snow camouflage suit like the Seeland Polar not only insulates you perfectly against the cold. It also camouflages you perfectly in the snow-covered landscape.

On sly foxes with the waggle hare

The waggle hare is part of the hunting equipment of every successful decoy hunter. Clever foxes often react suspiciously to the hunter's luring. They turn around the high seat to catch the wind or only approach briefly to run away again.

A wiggly rabbit can be used to create an optical stimulus as well as an acoustic one. It offers the fox an interesting target on the ground and draws its attention away from the hunter to the wiggly rabbit. Placed at a suitable distance in front of the raised hide, many a fox can be lured to shotgun range.

Hunting ground - with diligence to the fox

Another very successful method is hunting at the hunting ground. Small chunks of food are buried at a suitable distance in front of the raised hide and, if regularly taken, the light of the full moon is used for a stalk.

At the beginning of the chirping phase, the hunting ground is initially stocked at intervals of one week. As soon as it is accepted, this period is shortened until a few new chunks are distributed daily. In this way you ensure that the fox will also visit the hunting ground every day and that you will be successful on the day of the stalk.

People don't talk about "smart foxes" anyway. But with the right equipment and the right approach, you too will be successful.

If you have any questions on this topic or are interested in one of the products, please feel free to contact us.