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Heated clothing for hunting

Hunting clothing must withstand high demands. On cold days, the task of hunting clothing is to keep the hunter warm. Heated clothing not only passively protects the body from cooling down but also actively warms it through its electric heating function. Unlike conventional clothing, electrically heated hunting clothing uses electrical power to provide additional warmth to the body. This significantly increases endurance during hunting, even on the coldest nights.

Types of heating clothing from head to toe

There is heating clothing available for nearly all body parts:

- Heated insoles help to keep your feet warm.
- Long thermal underwear helps to keep the legs warm.
- A heated muff is used to keep hands and fingers warm.
- For the upper body, there are heating vests, heated undershirts, and heated jackets.
- These heated garments contribute to staying warm and enduring longer during hunting trips.

Advantages of heating clothing for hunting

To prepare for the cold during hunting, there are two approaches:

1. One can "bundle up" and combine multiple layers of warm clothing. However, the disadvantage is that it restricts freedom of movement.

2. This is where the advantage of heating clothing comes into play: With heating clothing, fewer layers of clothing are needed. This reduces the restriction on freedom of movement, allowing hunters to move more easily and quickly into position, which contributes to hunting success.

Heating clothing for staying warm during winter hunts

Ambush hunting is the most commonly practiced hunting method in Germany. The hunter sits on a hunting stand or an open ladder in the hunting area and waits for suitable game to appear.

Especially during winter boar hunts, it can get very cold. Temperatures of -5°C at night are not uncommon, and it can even be much colder. In addition, hunters must remain still during the ambush, which leads to quick cooling and freezing.

Thick winter clothing helps to retain body heat. This works fine for a certain period of time depending on one's sensitivity to cold, but during a long ambush that lasts deep into the night, even the best winter clothing eventually becomes ineffective. An electrically heated intermediate layer such as a heating vest or heating jacket is invaluable during such cold hunting nights.

The feeling of coldness usually starts at the knees during an ambush because the pants fit tightly, preventing an insulating layer of air between the skin and the clothing. Heating long underwear has a heating element precisely at this critical area.