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The perfect hunting jacket for ladies: Practical & stylish

As a woman hunter, you have high expectations of your hunting jacket - after all, it is the most important part of your hunting clothing and protects you from the cold and wet.

In general, a good hunting jacket should have certain features to make it really suitable for hunting.

General functions of a good hunting jacket:

  • Breathable, so that you do not sweat and thus cool down.
  • Low-noise, so as not to startle game with unnecessary noise.
  • Water-repellent or waterproof, so that the jacket does not get clammy and you stay dry.
  • Windproof, so that cool air does not whistle through and you lose body heat.

Depending on the type of hunting, the hunting situation and your individual taste , you need to pay attention to other details so that you make the right choice for YOUR perfect hunting jacket.
The following paragraphs deal with the respective special features.

Jacket shape & cut for women's hunting jackets

A good women's hunting jacket should above all be comfortable and allow you enough freedom of movement . The rule is: neither too tight nor too loose.

Your hunting jacket should under no circumstances sittoo wide . Especially in the area of the sleeves, loose fluttering jacket material is not only a hindrance, but can even be dangerous if you want to quickly go for the kill and get tangled up in it with the stock.

However, your jacket must also not be too tight , otherwise you will be constricted when executing a safe shot. You will also cool down because there is no insulating air cushion between the jacket and your body.

Therefore, if in doubt, buy the jacket one size larger. This gives you the option of wearing another layer of clothing underneath, for example a cosy fleece jacket, in cool temperatures.

Waisted hunting jackets for women

Jackets for women hunters often differ from men's hunting jackets in their waist. While men's jackets are usually cut in a straight to O-shape, women's hunting jackets are often tailored or have a drawstring to adjust the waist individually.

The advantage of a fitted jacket: it is never too loose or too wide in the waist area and therefore does not let too much air under the jacket, which would cool you down.

If the waist size is individually adjustable, you can be sure that the jacket fits exactly as figure-hugging as you like.

Extended jacket back for warm kidneys

No matter where you sit, whether in the closed cockpit or on the open driven hunt stand: If there is a cool, damp draught up your back from below, the sit will quickly become uncomfortable.

extended back section provides a remedy here. It keeps the kidneys warm and at the same time provides a padded seat base.

Some jacket models are also equipped with a drawstring at the jacket waist which you can tighten if necessary to prevent the jacket from riding up.

Warm winter hunting jackets for women

Women are often more sensitive to the cold than men. With special women's hunting jackets for winter manufacturers like HärkilaFjällräven SeelandDeerhunter and Pinewood are trying to do justice to this.

Warm lining materials such as Primaloft or Loden provide good insulation against the cold.

However, a hunting jacket alone is often not enough to withstand the cold.

If you are going to winter hunting in sub-zero temperatures, you should - in addition to a warmly lined winter jacket - also use the onion principle .

The following layers have proved their worth

  1. Functional underwear made from warm merino wool

  2. First intermediate layer, e.g. Hunting pullover made of wool or fleece material

  3. Second intermediate layer, e.g. warm fleece jacket

  4. Winter hunting jacket as outer layer

Our tip: If you are one of those who are very cold, then an additional warm hunting bag is the right thing for you: you slip into it together with your hunting clothes like into a sleeping bag and are thus reliably protected from icy temperatures.

Driven hunt jackets for women

When the driven hunt season starts in autumn and winter, you can't do without a hunting jacket in signal colours. Of course, you can also wear a high-visibility waistcoat over your normal hunting jacket.

However, special driven hunt jackets in orange are usually the better choice.

They are better suited to the requirements of a social hunt, are usually well lined and offer significantly more visibility and thus safety due to the orange colouring.

Ladies' hunting jackets made of fleece

Whether as an outer layer of clothing or as a mid-layer: one or two fleece jackets in green and/or orange for driven hunts should not be missing from any hunting wardrobe.

Fleece jackets with their soft surface are ideal warmth pads. The roughened material is very quiet and light and is perfect for hunting jackets. If a membrane is also incorporated, only the fleece jacket is sufficient for mild temperatures for stalking or hunting in spring to summer.

Cheap women's hunting jackets on sale

At Pirscher Shop you will always find real bargains in the sale. If you want to buy a cheap hunting jacket, just check our hunting outlet section regularly. We are constantly updating the range and with a bit of luck, your favourite jacket will be reduced next time.

By the way, you can find a comprehensive article on buying jackets with useful tips and even more information on the different types of jackets in the Hunting Jacket Guide.

If you are unsure which size is right for you, or which hunting jacket best meets your requirements, just give us a call.
We will be happy to advise you!