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Camouflage underwear: camouflage underwear

Underwear also plays a role in hunting: it should be functional and breathable so that it can dry quickly when the hunter starts to sweat.

Depending on taste, some hunters also want their underwear to be camouflage or in camouflage colours and to match their camouflage clothing .

Many manufacturers today develop clothing lines that are perfectly coordinated with each other. All the layers you need for functional hunting clothing are taken into account. Also the underwear, from vests to long johns.

This allows you to be ideally dressed for a wide range of weather conditions: If it is too warm, simply take off one of the layers. If it's too cold, put another layer on top.

The perfect coordination of these clothing components ensures a comfortable feeling in any situation.

Everything in camouflage - matching right down to the underwear

Colour and design play an increasingly important role in modern hunting clothing. Camouflage patterns are becoming more and more popular, because they often give the hunter an extra chance if he is not recognised by the game.

These camouflage patterns focus on avoiding contrasts between the hunter and his surroundings and break up his contours with special patterns. Particularly popular are Realtree patterns or the Optifade  camouflage pattern. You can find an overview of the different camouflage colours in the camouflage pattern guide.

So that you can take advantage of this camouflage in any hunting situation and in any weather, these patterns extend to hunting underwear.

The advantage: if you wear a vest in camo after a sweaty climb up a mountain, for example, you will still be sufficiently camouflaged.

Functional underwear performs important tasks on the skin

Underwear is particularly important for keeping warm. Special functional underwear wick moisture away from the skin, have an antibacterial effect and keep you cool and dry. 

Warmer thermal underwear, on the other hand, keeps you warm on cold days, but still dry thanks to the moisture-wicking material. The soft, warming material of the Sitka Gear Core Heavyweight Underwear keeps the warmth close to the body and thus prevents cooling.

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