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Decoy hunting: interacting with the game

What could be more exciting than interacting with the game you are hunting and thereby luring it to you?

Whether crow hunting, roe buck hunt, duck hunting or decoy hunting for predatory game - they all belong to the really exciting types of hunting. And even wild boar can be lured by the skilful hunter.

Decoy hunting equipment - variety for every situation

The possibilities for decoy hunting are manifold. Just like the requirements for the hunting equipment needed for the respective game species:

  • For hunting flying game: crow decoy, duck decoy, camouflage suit, camouflage net
  • For the roe buck hunt: camouflage suit, target stick, deer blatter, hunting knife
  • For decoy hunting of predators: fox decoy, hunting clothing, hunting rucksack


Close to the game: That's what counts...

Decoy hunting is about actively luring the game towards the hunter. By calling out, for example from a roe deer flutter or a crow decoy, the hunter reveals his own position to the game.

Good camouflage with camouflage suit or camouflage clothing and camouflage net is indispensable. Only in this way can the hunter remain hidden from the game, which is looking for the source of the decoy calls. Flying game in particular is quick to spot the decoying hunter. Good camouflage clothing is therefore an absolute must when hunting crows or waterfowl. 

A large selection of decoys

There is a wide range of different decoys available for decoy hunting . They are suitable for a wide variety of game species.

Whether delicate fiep sounds from the precious wood mouth decoy or loud cawing from the Lockschmiede crow decoy. From various duck decoys to the elk decoy , there is a suitable decoy for every game species. 

Hunt more successfully with the help of the right decoy!

Decoy hunting for flying game - never without a decoy!

When hunting crows, pigeons, geese and ducks, a good decoy is simply a must.

Decoys suggest safety to the approaching game birds and make them fall in front of the hunter's stand. In addition to the very realistic and easy-to-stow FUD decoys , you can also use flocked decoys as an alternative.

In general, the rule of thumb applies:

The larger the decoy image, the more familiar the birds will be.

So it pays to invest in a few more decoys right away.

Attractants - treats for game

The use of special attractants is also a very successful method of luring game to certain points.

When used regularly, these attractants can not only lure game from far away, but also tie it to specific locations. Once discovered, game will often regularly visit the points with the attractant. The hunter can of course make use of this advantage when planning his hunts.

Hardly any game can resist the attractants from Attratec, Hagopur or Eurohunt.

Feel-good programme for sows - luring wild boar

Beech wood tar has a special attracting effect on wild boar. Wild boar often stay for a long time in the vicinity of stanchions or especially at wallows and scratch themselves on these stanchions. 

Red deer can also be pampered with beech wood tar.

Our tip:
Stalk a few wallows smeared with beech wood tar. Especially on dry and warm summer evenings. You will be amazed at how familiar wild boar are with these areas.

If you have any questions about the use of certain products or are unsure which is the right one for your conditions, please feel free to contact us.
We will advise you in detail.