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Decoys and bird dummies - hunting feathered game

Hunting feathered game on decoys is probably one of the most exciting and "action-packed" types of hunting there is. When the crows, pigeons, ducks or geese fall in front of the hunter's camouflage screen, the adrenalin shoots up.

Decoys can be bought in a variety of designs. Among the most common decoys in hunting accessories are:

  • Decoy crows
  • Decoy geese and ducks
  • Decoy pigeons or magpies
  • Eagle owl decoy


How many decoys do you need?

large decoy pattern suggests security for the birds that are decoying.

Generally speaking, the more decoys the better!

Experienced crow hunters like to use decoys with up to 40 decoys at the beginning of the hunting season. This is because large decoys are perceived much more quickly by passing game. Even from greater distances.

And where there are many birds in one place, there must be plenty to eat - instinct tells the animals. This is another reason why large decoys are better accepted.


Deceptively real decoys: flocking, UV colour printing and FUD

All flying game has particularly good eyesight and sometimes even sees much better than a human. You should therefore attach particular importance to the correct appearance of the decoys.

At Pirscher Shop you can buy suitable flocked decoys and decoy crows. Flocking prevents the decoys from shining unnaturally, e.g. in the sun or in damp conditions. This makes the decoys look more realistic.

Alternatively, decoys with realistic UV colour printing are suitable, which is specially adapted to the visual spectrum of the birds and thus creates a lifelike impression.

FUD (Fold Up Decoy) decoys fold flat and are convenient and easy to transport. The movable body parts allow them to be set up in different positions. This creates the most realistic decoy images.


Movement in the decoy picture - crow magnet and pigeon magnet

A real secret weapon to convince even the most distrustful bird to invade in front of you is the crow magnet or also pigeon magnet. The interval-controlled stop-and-go movement creates a realistic movement of the decoy birds. Even the most experienced old crow can hardly resist.

If you have any questions about the correct use of the products or if you cannot decide which decoy is the right one for you, we will be happy to help you.

Feel free to contact us!