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Decoys and lures - seductive sounds

Luring game to the hunter by means of luring calls and wailing sounds is often referred to as high school of hunting. Equipped with the right instruments and a little practice, anyone can enjoy this exciting form of hunting.

 In our assortment you will find over 50 different decoys and decoy whistles for almost all game species for example:

  • Crow decoy
  • Duck decoy
  • Goose decoy
  • Dove decoy
  • Red deer decoys
  • Wild boar lure
  • Roe deer decoy decoy

You can even find decoys for elk and white-tailed deer in our shop.

Roe deer decoys: The right roe buck call for your bucks

During the  roe buck hunt - probably the most exciting time of the year for many hunters - there is hardly anything worse than not being able to cope with your roe buck call and not being able to get a buck to stand.

Not every hunter can play every roe buck call equally well: Therefore, it is our concern to offer you different models according to your preferences.

It is quite easy to play  besides the well-known Buttolo roe buck call also roe buck call  in pipe form like the Hubertus Fiep or the Weiskirchen Fiepblatter. The desired sound is produced simply by blowing into the roe buck call.

Somewhat more demanding to play are  mouth bladders with an open diaphragm, such as the precious wood mouth blatter or the Buttolo mouth blatter. However, more varied tones can be produced with reeds of this type and thus a real roe buck season aria can be created. It hardly gets any more realistic than this!


Electronic decoys - the perfect call at the push of a button

Where permitted, electronic decoys such as the Ucaller or the Bluetooth Wildlocker can save the hunter a lot of work.

On the Ucaller , up to eight lure calls can be stored. Depending on the type of game you are targeting, you can simply swap the decoys on the PC or also record your own decoy.

The Bluetooth game decoy is operated using your smartphone and the "Ihunt by Ruger" app. Over 600 game calls leave nothing to be desired and contain the right call for every type of game.

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