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Attractants - attraction for all game species

If you want to make your hunting even more successful or want to tie game to certain areas, you use attractants.

Tried and tested attractants draw game from far away and thus lure it to a certain spot. Make your kerb, salt lick, wallow, etc. even more interesting for game and promote the acceptance of these places.

Proven attractants include:

  • Red deer and roe deer attractants
  • Wild boar attractants and beech wood tar
  • Fox and marten attractants
  • Salt pastes

Important minerals for cloven-hoofed game: Salt pastes

Salt is not only important for humans, but also for most animals. They need sodium for the function of their muscles, nerves and to regulate their water balance.

For most cloven-hoofed game it is difficult to get hold of the vital sodium in our landscape. Salt licks are therefore preferred by cloven-hoofed game, but also by some insects and birds.

The salt pastes from Eurohunt are easy to apply with the spatula provided, for example on a building stump. Different tastes and smells can be used to make the salt licks even more attractive.

Spa area for black and red deer: beech wood tar

Beechwood tar has an antiseptic and antiparasitic effect. It exerts a magical attraction on black and red deer. 

Painting trees smeared with it, e.g. near stanchions and especially at wallows, are regularly visited. Anyone who has observed the areas treated with beech wood tar with a game camera or a game clock knows that the game sometimes spends hours rubbing against these trees in order to rid themselves of annoying parasites.

Beech wood tar is available in different sizes for every need. Another practical solution is beech wood tar in a spray can. It keeps fingers and clothes clean.

Attractants from Hagopur and Attratec

No hunting equipment should be without these attractants, which are specially formulated for certain game species.

For example, you can make your hunt for a particular game species even more successful. The agents exert an enormous attracting effect on the corresponding target game species and help you to hunt even more effectively.

Mixed with cherry material, wild boars can hardly resist. Spread on bushes or shrubs, roe deer and red deer can also be lured over long distances. These attractants belong in the hunting accessories of every hunter!


If you have any questions about a particular lure or want to know when and where it is best to use it, please feel free to contact us.
We will be at your side with advice and practical help.