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Camouflage clothing for children: Camo & Realtree for little hunters

Practice early if you want to become a good hunter.
Children see the world through different eyes and develop an eye for nature and hunting much faster than many adults. Watching game outside in suspense and also following its path "all the way to the plate" is the greatest thing for many children.

So that your offspring can accompany you well camouflaged to exciting hunting adventures, you will find a selection of camouflage clothing in small sizes at Pirscher Shop.

Camouflage jackets and camouflage trousers children's sizes

Is there anything more exciting than getting up close and personal with a deer? These are experiences your children will never forget!

So that you and your child can get even closer to the game and so that even small carelessness remains hidden from the game as far as possible, it makes sense to camouflage your little fellow hunter as best as possible, for example with a jacket or trousers in camouflage colours.

In contrast to "normal" hunting clothing, a real camouflage jacket or camouflage trousers also looks much cooler.

camouflage suit, for example the Seeland Eton Kids jacket and trousers, additionally keeps the young hunter warm and protects against harsh weather conditions.

Safety is the top priority when hunting - especially for our youngest hunters

A hunting jacket with warning colours is now compulsory on social hunts and on the driven hunt .
Of course, this obligation applies especially to children who accompany you on the hunt.

So that your children don't have to miss out on the comfort that specially designed hunting clothing promises, there is warning camouflage clothing especially for children.
With such camouflage clothing in signal camo, such as the Pinewood Retriever Jacket for Kids and the Pinewood Retriever Trousers for Kids, your child will be clearly visible to all fellow hunters, even from a distance.

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