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Dog Accessories: Coat Care, Feeding Area & More

The hunting dog is the hunter's best friend. But a dog is a living being that requires care and provisions. This demands a lot of time and, most importantly, the right equipment.

We offer you the appropriate accessories so that your dog lacks nothing.

Accessories for coat care

A dog's coat needs to be maintained. Otherwise, the dog won't feel comfortable, and unwelcome critters can settle in its dense fur.

To prevent this, there are grooming gloves or coat brushes. These keep the fur smooth, remove loose hair, and prevent fleas or nits from taking hold in the coat.

All about dog nutrition

Like any living being, a dog needs food to survive. You can find the right food to keep your hunting dog in top shape in our shop. But a hunting dog should also have a suitable food bowl.

Whether it's a regular stainless steel bowl, a treat bag for on-the-go, or specialized bowls like an anti-gobble bowl, you are guaranteed to find what you need in our online shop.

For canine relaxation

Even a hunting dog doesn't have to work all day. It also needs rest and should have the opportunity to retreat to a quiet place.

For this purpose, dog beds, blankets, or cushions are ideal. Dog beds provide a retreat for the hunting dog to comfortably rest after a strenuous day of hunting.

To keep them entertained, there are also toys in a hunting style.