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Torches for hunting and hunting grounds

Since we as humans do not have the ability to see in the dark, we have to make use of artificial light sources.

torch is used in a wide variety of hunting situations:

  • For the way to the raised hide
  • To find the prey during the hunt 
  • To observe and count game

Wild animals have a distinct advantage over humans in terms of their senses. This is especially true of their ability to still see well in low light. 

Game naturally uses this advantage to escape the hunter: It shifts a large part of its activities to the evening, night and morning hours. Wild boar move almost everywhere only in absolute darkness. As a hunter, you are forced to sit up late into the night to successfully hunt wild boar.

The torch for hunting

Depending on the purpose, you need a torch with more or less luminosity for hunting. Whether handy torch or spotlight: an external light source is an important tool for hunting and is an integral part of the hunting equipment.

Nothing is more annoying than not being able to find the shooting point because of nightfall or having to feel your way back to the car because you don't have a powerful torch with you.

Hands free and everything in view thanks to a headlamp

headlamp or head torch is used as a light source whenever you want to have both hands free or need them for work. As an experienced hunter, you will appreciate a proper lamp especially when breaking up game in the dark or when retrieving the hunted piece. 

You can also use both hands to support yourself or hold on when moving in rough terrain.

Modern headlamps from Fenix, Olight and Walther provide considerable light output in terms of illumination and battery life. 

Observing game at night, thanks to red light torches

You know it yourself: If you shine a normal torch with white light on wild animals at night, they often react by fleeing into the next thicket. The sudden difference in brightness is too great and the game senses danger. 

The situation is different with red and green lamps. Tests and experience have shown that sows in particular react less sensitively to a red light torch . Often they are not even bothered by it at all. 

The red-light torch can be easily fixed to the raised hide with a clamp and the game can thus be observed comfortably. 

Tip: With the colour filter set from the brand Walther, your Walther torch can easily be converted into a red light torch and you are prepared for all eventualities.

Game monitoring and game counting with the help of the headlamp

In many hunting communities and high game rings, the population of wild animals is now recorded annually by special game counts. 

This involves driving along certain routes with a vehicle and using particularly bright torches and spotlights toilluminate the areas and stands on the right and left and counting all the animals that come into view. 

The population is then extrapolated from the counted animals. This is then used to calculate the shooting figures for the coming year. This method is considered to be very accurate and promising, especially for hare censuses and red deer taxations.

At Pirscher Shop you will find handy torches as well as powerful handheld headlamps and headlamps with a 12-volt car connection. These are characterised by a very high range of up to 650 metres.


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