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Hunting jumpers for men: Guaranteed to keep you warm

Even the best hunting jacket won't keep you warm if you don't wear the right thing UNDERneath. In combination with a warm jumper, you are also well equipped for cold weather. Modern hunting jumpers also look really smart and classy and can also be worn outside the hunting ground. Manufacturers such as Härkila and Fjällräven offer stylish jumpers that also cut a fine figure in the office or during leisure time.

Concentrated function in jumper fibre

Modern jumpers offer much more than the good old knitted jumper of yesteryear. High-tech fibres or membranes often give jumpers a high level of functionality today. Many jumpers are equipped with windproof or even waterproof membranes and thus offer optimal protection against wind and rain. They are often also breathable. This prevents unpleasant heat build-up and wicks moisture away from the body.

Merino hunting jumpers - the natural functional fibre

Merino wool is often referred to as a natural functional fibre. The pure natural product has excellent functional properties. Jumpers made of merino wool, for example, are still warm even when they are wet. The material also dries very quickly, provides excellent warmth and is breathable.
hunting jumper made of merino wool is therefore perfect as an under layer under your hunting jacket in winter or for the cool transitional season. 

Collar in many variations

You can choose from different types of collars for hunting jumpers:

  • The classic variant is the round neck collar.
  • A hunting jumper with a V-neck looks a little more elegant.
  • Jumpers with higher collars are often the better choice for hunting. These are available as turtleneck or with a zip. This protects the sensitive neck from wind and cold. 

Jumpers for warm evenings

In summer you can often do without a jacket. In the evening, however, it can get a little chilly. In such situations, you'll be glad to have a cosy pullover at hand that you can quickly throw on. A pullover usually feels better than a jacket. So nothing stands in the way of a pleasant evening in the hunting lodge or at the hunt