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Products of Härkila

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Härkila Powerbank Heat
€69.95 €39.95

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Härkila Metso Backpack Seat
€369.95 €269.95

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Härkila pants Heat
€239.95 €179.95

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Härkila heat waistcoat
€319.95 €229.95

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Härkila shirt heat
€239.95 €179.95

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Härkila heat jacket
€389.95 €279.95

18 %
Härkila Modi Cap (brown)
€54.95 €44.95

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Härkila longsleeve Metso
€99.95 €74.95

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Härkila Visent Jacket
€799.95 €639.95

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Härkila Shorts Trail
€99.95 €89.95

Härkila: Hunting clothing for the highest demands

As premium brand in the hunting sector Härkila stands for highest quality and functionality. "Trust your Instinct" is Härkila's slogan.

It makes it clear what the manufacturer's philosophy is:
When hunting, the hunter must rely on his instincts. Härkila makes the same claim for its own hunting clothing and hunting equipment. The hunter must always be able to rely on these as well.

So it's no wonder that the premium manufacturer focuses first and foremost on quality. Härkila works exclusively with renowned partners and relies on high-quality materials. Through years of experience and the development of products that meet even the highest demands, Härkila isone of the top brands for hunting clothing and equipment.

Hunting clothing by hunters for hunters 

When manufacturing new products, Härkila works true to the motto "By hunters, for hunters". Härkila hunting clothing is  developed inclose cooperation with the hunting community and tested by hunters in the wild. Only after countless tests under the most diverse hunting conditions and weather conditions is a Härkila hunting jacket or hunting trousers brought onto the market.

Hunting equipment of the best quality

When it comes to the materials used, Härkila relies on well-known technology partners such as Gore, Primaloft, Polartec or Vibram. In Härkila hunting boots, for example, the high-quality and extremely functional soles from Vibram are used. For hunting jackets or hunting trousers, Härkila relies on reliable Gore-Tex membranes that are still absolutely waterproof even under extreme conditions.

The 10 commandments of Härkila design

Härkila places a strong emphasis on its in-house "10 commandments of design" in product development.

These include the following 10 product features, which Härkila weights differently depending on the product and area of use:

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Temperature management
  • Breathability
  • Robustness
  • Weight
  • Low noise
  • Comfort
  • Freedom of movement

The 10th Härkila commandment is: Scandinavian elegance, simplicity and fit.

Härkila collections

With three well thought-out collections Härkila ensures that every hunter finds the clothing and equipment that is right for them:

The Performance collection includes lightweight clothing, hunting boots and hunting backpacks for the active hunter. Whether mountain hunting, stalking in summer or winter hunting in the cold season: with the Performance series you are well equipped.

The Endurance series stands for particularly robust hunting clothing and equipment for the most adverse conditions and weather. This collection is characterised by durability and reliability. The hunter should be able to concentrate on the hunt and not have to worry about his equipment. The Endurance series gives this feeling.

The Classic collection offers fashionable hunting clothing in English style. Here functionality is combinedwith noble, classic design. Perfectly suited for classic social hunting or sporty shooting.

If you value high-quality hunting clothing, Härkila is your brand.

At Pirscher Shop you can order Härkila products conveniently on account.

If you need advice, our team of experienced hunters is ready to help you - by phone or by e-mail.