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Shooting stick: Safe rifle rest for on the move

For this important part of the hunting equipment several names are familiar:

  1. Aiming stick
  2. Stalking stick
  3. Shooting stick

They all refer to the same object.

Stalking sticks or target sticks are the ideal companions for active hunters. This is because the hunter needs a secure support for his weapon even in dynamic situations.

You should always use such a rifle rest if you cannot fall back on the stable support of a high seat.
Especially for stalking, the roe buck hunt, the driven hunt or hunting on the grain, target sticks  enablemore stability and  a precise shot.

Shooting better with the right shooting stick

The use of a deerstalker improves your shooting skills immensely compared to free-hand shooting.
The stable support of the weapon prevents shaking and thus bad shots.

Which shooting stick suits me?

The different designs of the shooting sticks give you a different stability when shooting.

It is not always possible to use a tripod. For example, in driven hunts where you may have to shoot at fast-moving targets. There you are much more flexible with a one-legged stalking stick and can react faster to the changing situation.

Three- and four-legged stalking sticks, on the other hand, give a very stable rest with good control over the weapon. This is especially true for models with a two-point rest. These stalking sticks are excellent for stalking and shooting slow-moving or standing game - even at longer distances.

Such a stalking stick should therefore not be missing in any hunting rucksack.

Fast elevation adjustments - Primos Trigger Stick

Primos has come up with a particularly clever solution for quickly adjusting the stalking stick height:
With a kind of  trigger on the handle of the aiming stick, it can be easily pulled out or pushed together.

This is ideal for mountainous regions, where you often have to quickly adjust the height of the shooting stick in order to shoot uphill or downhill. 
Packed up small, the stalking stick can also be carried comfortably on the hunting rucksack and set up very quickly if required.

The Primos Trigger Stick is available as a monopod, bipod and tripod version.

If you are unsure which stalking stick is the right one for your needs or have any other questions about one of our products, please feel free to contact us. In our hunting shop you will receive competent and detailed advice.