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Goose hunting - successful hunting with the right equipment

Four things to bear in mind when hunting geese. This will make your goose hunt even more successful:

  1. Preparation
  2. Camouflage
  3. Decoy picture
  4. Decoys

Hunting wild geese: A hunting method with a future

Wild geese are on the rise in Germany and their populations are growing so fast that they are already causing serious damage to agriculture and droppings. Reason enough to take an interest in hunting this cunning and interesting species. Modern goose hunting can be very promising and incredibly exciting.

Preparation is the be-all and end-all of goose hunting

If you take a chance on a field or a body of water, you will often come home a tailor. It is important to scout the geese carefully . What routes do they take from their roosting waters to the feeding grounds? Where do they fall in? When are they to be found on these areas?

Provided you do not disturb the geese, they will often return to the areas the following day . The weather also plays a decisive role in goose hunting. If the weather and the wind remain constant, the geese usually stick to their flight path. Changing wind directions and weather conditions, on the other hand, often cause the geese to take new routes.

Only with the right hunting equipment - camouflage from watchful geese

Geese are extremely attentive and eye particularly well. The correct camouflage is therefore essential for hunting the feathered creatures. Anyone who has ever tried to stalk a goose will be able to tell you a thing or two about it. In our shop you will find many different items to create the optimal camouflage for your conditions.

When it comes to camouflage, it is not enough to rely on hunting jacket and hunting trousers hunting trousers. Especially hands and face have to be disguised with gloves and head net. Patterns such as Realtree MAX-4 or Realtree MAX-5 have become established as camouflage patterns. They are adapted to reeds, grass or grain - the most common feeding places for geese.

The goose roost makes the camouflage complete

To complete the right camouflage, the modern goose hunter uses camouflage umbrella or, above all, the goose lounger. Since the geese usually invade the middle of fields or meadows where there is little cover for the hunter, it is important to break the silhouette in order to achieve the best possible camouflage.

The goose couch can be placed inconspicuously at the decoy and camouflages the hunter, covered with grass or straw, perfectly from the approaching geese.

You can never have enough decoy geese

You can never have enough decoys. A large decoy image suggests security to the geese and is more likely to encourage them to move in. If you only use 4 or 5 decoys, you will not have the desired success.

Our FUD decoy geese are ideal for this type of hunting. Not only do they look deceptively real, but they can also be folded up and easily transported in large numbers. When setting up the decoy geese it is important not to place them too close together. A loosened up decoy pattern brings the best success.

The camouflage parachute or the goose couch is placed on the side of the decoy facing the wind. Especially from the goose couch, the field of fire to the rear is very limited. Since geese, like all other birds, migrate against the wind, it is particularly important to pay attention to the wind direction.

Decoy hunting at the highest level - equipment for specialists

In our shop we offer a wide range of goose decoys especially for different goose species. In addition to the decoy pattern, this acoustic attraction offers a special appeal to indecisive geese.

The professional equipment also includes the camouflage for the gun together with the integrated stock magazine. This way you can hide your tools from the geese and quickly have several cartridges at hand when a large flock of geese is approaching.

If you have any questions or requests regarding our products or goose hunting, please do not hesitate to contact us.