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Best dog food: Because your hunting dog is worth it

The hunting dog is indisputably the hunter's best friend. That's why we only want the best for him. But what is the best dog food for your four-legged hunting companion? This is the answer in the following guide.

What is the difference between normal dog food and hunting dog food?

To give a well-founded answer to this question, one must first ask: "What is the difference between normal dogs and hunting dogs?"

The difference between domestic dogs and hunting dogs lies in their energy consumption.
Hunting dogs have a much higher energy requirement than "normal domestic dogs". 

Hunting dogs are working dogs. They come home from the hunt exhausted and exhausted. They need a food that, on the one hand, replenishes the empty energy store and, on the other hand, has a high nutritional value so that the energy reserves last a long time for the next mission.

A good comparison can be drawn here with professional athletes : They also have a nutrition plan that is adapted to their increased energy needs. It is the same with hunting dogs. When hunting, the dogs often go to their performance limits. For a healthy development hunting dogs therefore need a food that is specially adapted to their needs. 

What should you look for when buying dog food?

First of all, a high meat content  isvery important to ensure a sufficient supply of energy-boosting proteins.
On the food package, this ingredient should be at the top of the ingredient list.

In the case of low-quality dog food , Grain is often listed first instead. Grain is used as a cheap "filler" and is often evidence of low quality food.
Sugar is also an ingredient that is unfortunately very often found in cheap food . Sugar has absolutely no place in dog food.  Dog foodwith added sugar should never be bought. Also flavourings or colourings have no place in a proper dog food.

Inferior food can also be recognised by an inaccurate list of ingredients . You will notice nebulous terms such as "animal or vegetable by-products". This sometimes hides ingredients that are not suitable for food. 

How can you recognise good hunting dog food?

You can recognise a high-quality hunting dog food by a transparent description of the ingredients, in which no ingredients are hidden behind technical jargon.

An excellent food also uses the mostnatural ingredients possible   as well as gentle processing . 
You should not skimp on hunting dog food. Your dog will thank you for it.

Dry or wet food?

Basically, you can't go wrong with either type of food, as long as it is labelled as complete food . Only then will they contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your hunting dog needs for healthy development.

The main difference between dry and wet food is the water content.

  • Wet food has a higher water content and therefore much more moisture. It is therefore often tastier and preferred by many dogs.
  • Dry food , on the other hand, is considerably higher in energy. Compared to the same amount of wet food, it contains a greater proportion of nutrients. One advantage of dry food is its teeth-cleaning effect.

However, you must be careful to increase your hunting dog's water supply when feeding dry food.

Many handlers prefer a mixed administration of wet and dry food. One possibility is to simply mix the wet food with the dry food