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Buy camouflage net: Hunting is easier when well camouflaged

Camouflage nets are suitable for many different types of hunting and for various purposes, for example

  • to better hide the raised hide
  • to camouflage yourself when hunting game, e.g. flying game
  • to be better camouflaged at roe buck hunt

At Pirscher Shop you can buy camouflage nets in the following camouflage patterns :

  • Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green
  • Realtree MAX 5 and Realtree MAX 4
  • Realtree Hardwoods
  • Woodland Camo

The different camouflage patterns are specially adapted to different vegetation.
This means you can always adapt your camouflage exactly to the conditions in your area and thus camouflage yourself perfectly.

You can read about which camouflage pattern is best for which conditions in the Camouflage Patterns & Camo Guide.


Special Camo Netting - See, but don't be seen

Special Camo Netting camouflage nets are ideal for setting up camouflage screens etc.

The special feature of these camouflage nets: They are slightly transparent.

This means that you can see through them out of the camouflage screen, but not into the screen from a distance. 

Camouflage clothing and camouflage nets: Combine them correctly!

If you now wear a camouflage suit or a camouflage combination of camouflage jacket and camouflage trousers in the same pattern as the camouflage net in this umbrella, your contours will become completely blurred and you will be perfectly camouflaged.
This is ideal for hunting crows, for example, as you will be able to see the game approaching or striking you from a distance without the game recognising you.

Tip: Camouflage net by the metre

A camouflage net in standard dimensions is often not enough for use on a high seat or camouflage umbrella.
Therefore you can order your camouflage net in our hunting shop also as camouflage net by the metre . This way you get exactly the size you really need.

Weatherproof and UV-resistant - camouflage net Ultralight

Camouflage nets are often used to conceal hides and umbrellas and are then used outdoors all year round. Weather and UV resistance is therefore particularly important. Only a colourfast camouflage net can withstand sun, wind and weather. 

The camouflage net Ultra-light has all these properties and is also very tear-resistant and therefore almost indestructible.

If you have any questions about one of the camouflage nets or any of the other products in our shop, we are always available to answer them. Please feel free to contact us!