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Camouflage jackets - perfectly camouflaged for every type of hunting

Seeing the game before it sees you is one of the most important principles in hunting. Combining camouflage with quality, functional clothing makes hunting more enjoyable and successful for you.

The right camouflage clothing often decides on success or failure when hunting for

  • Flying game (e.g. good camouflage from above with camouflage jacket and headgear)
  • Water game (e.g. with a reed camouflage pattern)
  • Predatory game (e.g. by jackets with snow camouflage pattern)

The right camouflage suit will increase your chances in all active types of hunting.

The right camouflage pattern - Invisible to game

In our shop you will find various hunting jackets in camouflage patterns specially designed for hunting. Camouflage patterns like RealtreeMossy Oak and Optifade blur your outlines and make you invisible to game.

Camouflage jackets in striking orange make you visible to your fellow hunters but break your silhouette to colour-blind game, giving you the opportunity to get even closer to the game. Signal-coloured hunting clothing with camouflage print serves primarily for safety and yet hides you excellently from the gaze of the game.

Large selection of top brands - Quality for demanding hunting clothing

With the right camouflage jacket and camouflage trousers the hunter can merge with his environment and is no longer visible to game. At Pirscher Shop you will find a wide selection of camouflage jackets and camouflage clothing in various camouflage patterns and for a wide range of conditions to ensure the best camouflage for you.

In our range we have jackets from top brands such as Sitka Gear, Härkila, Pinewood, Deerhunter,  Seeland and many more. With camouflage clothing, as with our entire selection of hunting clothing, you can trust in quality, reliability and functionality.

Our camouflage clothing for hunters is delivered quickly to perfectly camouflage you for your hunt in any weather and to increase your hunting success.

Are you missing a camouflage pattern or a certain jacket?
Or do you have questions about specific camouflage patterns? Feel free to contact us and we will advise you in detail and find the perfect product for your needs.