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Pinewood 3- Pack T-Shirt
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Pinewood Chairpack 35L
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Pinewood Hat Wool (green)
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Pinewood Sitting Bag Abisko
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Pinewood Hunting Hut
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Pinewood Hunting Pack
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Pinewood Cumbria Pants
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Pinewood Wash-In-Cleaner

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Pinewood: Solid and innovative hunting clothing from Europe

Pinewood is one of the most well-known European manufacturers of outdoor and Hunting clothing. The Scandinavian company has been developing hunting textiles since 1996 with the aim of making nature enjoyable in all its features without having to waste any thought on equipment. From Pinewood you will find the right hunting clothing to go hunting every day and no matter what the weather.

"Our company ethos is to offer high quality functional products at a reasonable price."

Pinewood has been true to this motto for many years. Few other manufacturers of hunting textiles manage to combine functionality and a good price over a long period of time as well as Pinewood.


A solid basis for solid hunting clothing: Pinewood's four values

Pinewood cultivates four values on the basis of which every new hunting jacket and trousers are designed and produced.

1. Pinewood develops hunting clothing for hunters

Pinewood is very critical in the development and production of new products. Each garment is designed with experience, expertise and care. Pinewood products are designed by hunters to be perfectly adapted to the given climatic requirements. Every detail of a Pinewood hunting jacket or trousers has its own special use.

2. Pinewood attaches great importance to credibility

Pinewood themselves test and use the clothing they produce. In doing so, they are completely convinced of the goods they produce. And you can tell, because Pinewood does not spread an exaggerated or fanciful portrayal of themselves. When Pinewood puts something on the market, the brand stands behind it with its whole name.

3. Pinewood focuses on sustainability

Pinewood acts in the awareness that environmental protection is more important today than ever before. That's why Pinewood tries to reduce the amount of material wasted in the manufacturing process as much as possible.

Pinewood has also reduced the chemicals used in production. In addition, only environmentally friendly impregnations are used.

The proportion of recycled materials in the products has also been increasing for years. Pinewood is a member of Amfori, the leading global business organisation for open and more sustainable trade. In addition, the brand requires BSCI certification for fair and safe working conditions from every supplier.

4. Pinewood combines tradition with innovation

The manufacturer from southern Sweden works entirely according to the conviction that things can always be made a little bit better. And so Pinewood also dares to try out new products. For example, Pinewood was one of the first European manufacturers to produce entire product lines in Realtree Camouflage . In the brand jungle of hunting outfits, Pinewood also stands out positively in the designs and cuts for hunting jackets and hunting trousers .


Pinewood's hunting clothing stands for top quality

Quality is a top priority at Pinewood. Every new model, whether hunting trousers or hunting jackets, is extensively tested and undergoes strict quality control before it is launched on the market. Despite these high standards, Pinewood manages to offer its clothing at affordable prices . This makes the brand very popular with many hunters, anglers and nature lovers.

Pinewood, a real outdoor brand

Whether hunting, fishing, hiking or dog sports: Pinewood lives outdoor and offers functional outdoor clothing for men, women and children.