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Camouflage masks: Camouflage where it counts

Something that is often forgotten when buying camouflage clothing is the face. Many hunters think that you are sufficiently camouflaged with a camouflage suit and a cap that shades the face. They do without a camouflage mask - with far-reaching consequences.

But what really matters? What makes the hunter particularly visible to game?

Movements attract attention! If camouflage is necessary, then do it properly.

While a hunter sitting still attracts little attention, a quick movement, such as raising the binoculars or turning the head quickly, is immediately registered by the game.
Especially when the moving body parts contrast in colour with the background.

Even the best 3D camouflage suit is of no use to you if you give yourself away by turning quickly in a promising direction.
The game will immediately notice your bright face.

Avoid contrasts and blend with the environment

To avoid this conspicuousness, in addition to your camouflage suit, be sure to use a camouflage mask or a camouflage scarf that can be pulled up to under the eye area.

This gives you a distinct advantage. Especially in hectic situations where you may have to move quickly and run the risk of being spotted by game.

Camouflage masks in a large selection - All common patterns and designs

At Pirscher Shop you will find a large selection of camouflage masks in many different camouflage patterns and designs.

  • For example, if your camouflage clothing is in Realtree look , it naturally makes sense to combine that with a camouflage mask in the same camouflage pattern . This is the ideal way to break up your contours.
  • On warmer days, camouflage masks made of mesh material, such as the  Seeland Wetland Cap with mesh or the H.S. mesh bonnets, are particularly comfortable to wear.
  • Other camouflage masks, on the other hand, are particularly opaque and true to colour, for example the Härkila Lynx face mask or the  Seeland Conley camouflage bonnet.

No matter which camouflage clothing you choose, you will find the right camouflage mask for you in our selection.

If you have any questions about which camouflage mask is right for you, or if you are missing a certain camouflage mask or pattern in our shop, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you in detail.