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Camouflage tents and camouflage umbrellas - For hunting stealthy game

The practical, prefabricated camouflage tents and camouflage umbrellas are suitable for different types of hunting and offer clear advantages: 

  1. They can be set up quickly.
  2. They ideally conceal the hunter even in places where there is a lack of natural cover.
  3. They are a simple solution when a hide is needed but none is available on site.

Requirements for camouflage tents

A camouflage tent should be easy to transport and mobile . It should also be quick and easy to erect and dismantle and usable anywhere . With us you will find your camouflage tent with the right camouflage for forests and meadows.

Especially for hunting or animal photography, a camouflage tent is virtually indispensable. Camouflage tents are also ideal for stalking or when a raised hide cannot be set up for certain reasons.

Camouflage tents - ideal for hunting flying game

Camouflage parachutes such as the Field Hunter Camouflage Parachute or the Ringer Blind Camouflage Parachute are ideal for crow hunting and hunting other flying game. They can be erected even faster than the self-assembled umbrellas made of camouflage nets and HidePoles. Transparent camouflage nets are incorporated on the roof side of the umbrellas. This provides a perfect all-round view from the canopy.

For ideal concealment, when using a camouflage parachute you should also opt for a camouflage suit. A camouflage suit in the same pattern as the camouflage parachute blurs your movements perfectly. This way, even flying game that can see into the camouflage parachute from above will not suspect anything.

Thanks to the camouflage tent, you can sit where the game is

Camouflage tents are ideal for providing you with a place to sit exactly where you need it. Exactly where you need it. This solution is just as perfect if you want to get very close to the game.

A camouflage tent makes sense wherever you do not have access to a classic hiding place, for example

  • when hunting young foxes on the burrow,
  • at roe buck hunt,
  • for wildlife photography

A camouflage tent should therefore not be missing from any hunting equipment .

Build your own camouflage screen with HidePoles and co 

With the help of camouflage nets and HidePoles you can easily build your own individual camouflage umbrella.

Experienced game hunters swear by such self-designed parachutes. They give you the opportunity to react flexibly to different conditions.

The Quick-Blind 5 camouflage umbrella frame can be assembled super quickly and fitted with matching camouflage nets (also to match your camouflage clothing) entirely according to your ideas. The ideal hunting accessory for the flying game hunter!

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