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Camouflaged even on warm days with camouflage Shirts

Effective camouflage is a basic prerequisite for success in a wide range of hunting activities.
Camouflage T-shirts provide a suitable camouflage for the hunter, especially in the summer months, e.g.

  • When stalking, for example, on the grain
  • When hunting crows or pigeons
  • When roe buck hunt

Camouflage shirts especially for hunters

On warm summer days a light camouflage shirt is more comfortable to wear than a camouflage suit. At Pirscher Shop you will find a wide selection of camouflage T-shirts and camouflage sweatshirts to suit your hunting needs.

The camo shirts of the brands HärkilaSitka Gear or Pinewood are mostly breathable and absolutely quiet: Ideal for getting up close and personal with the game.

Sweating or freezing? The onion principle also applies to camouflage clothing

Also Camouflage clothing you should always wear several layers of clothing so that you can take something off or put something on as needed.

It is clumsy to wear a "normal" hunting T-shirt under your camouflage jacket instead of a camouflage shirt in camouflage. If you then take off your jacket, the camouflage will no longer be effective.

Correct camouflage even with lightweight camouflage shirts

What should you look for when choosing your camouflage T-shirt?

Depending on the hunting environment, you should choose the appropriate camouflage pattern. It is important to avoid contrasts and to disguise outlines. Most camo shirts are therefore  equippedwith long sleeves to make your strongly moving arms almost invisible. This is because light-coloured arms against a dark background are very easy for game to notice.

You can find out which camouflage pattern is right for your hunting area in our Camouflage Patterns & Camo Guide.

If you have any questions about one of the camouflage shirts in our shop, if you are missing a product or if you don't know which size is right for you, please feel free to contact us.
We will advise you in detail and find the right product for your needs.