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Hearing protection for hunting and shooting sports

Even a single rifle shot can permanently damage hearing. If a shotgun blast causes a blast trauma, this can lead to damage to the inner ear. The result is reduced hearing ability. Once you have lost your hearing, you will not get it back any time soon. 

As a  hunter or sports shooter you are therefore well advised to think about the hearing protection before every shot. So that you can still hear the slightest rustle in the future.

Hearing protection therefore belongs in the hunting equipment of every hunter.

Active hearing protection or passive hearing protection?

One criticism often voiced by hunters about hearing protectors is that they prevent you from hearing sounds from your surroundings. This is a major disadvantage when hunting, for example. Another criticism is that you cannot talk to other people, for example at the shooting range or during driven hunts.

Wrongly so! Modern electric hearing protection eliminates this disadvantage because it allows ambient noise to pass through to the ear. At the same time, it actively protects the hearing from dangerously loud sound levels through excellent attenuation performance.

In contrast, the well-known passive hearing protection (e.g. earplugs) muffles all ambient noise. One disadvantage of classic hearing protection is that you only notice game approaching very late. Sometimes too late. Many hunters therefore do without hearing protection altogether. 

The decision as to whether you should use active or passive hearing protection depends on the one hand on the hunting area. On the other hand, it depends on your personal preferences.

On the other hand, it depends on your personal preference and taste: Many hunters are bothered by the rifle's stock bumping against the ear protector's capsule when the rifle is struck. Simple plugs offer a clear advantage here.

Perceiving ambient noise with active hearing protection 

New hearing protector models are equipped with state-of-the-art electrical technology. The Peltor SportTac hearing protector or the MSA Sordin Supreme have  integrated microphones that allow you to continue to hear ambient noise normally. If there is a loud gunshot boom or other noise that is harmful to the ear, these active hearing protectors automatically turn down the sound. This prevents harmful decibels from entering your ear canal.

It is also practical that you can connect some hearing protector models to your smartphone or radio via Bluetooth. 

You can wear such earmuffs comfortably during the entire hunt and still hear everything. The volume of the ambient noise can even be regulated individually with many models.

In some cases, you will hear better with hearing protection than without it, and you will be able to hear even quiet noises clearly. Our tip: Take a look at the Peltor SportTac and MSA Sordin models.

Earplugs: For those who find earmuffs too much of a burden

In-ear solutions such as earplugs or also earplugs are ideal if active hearing protection is out of the question or too expensive for you. 

At shotgun shooting or at shooting range, for example, many people are bothered when the buttstock of the gun hits under the earmuffs. Others are bothered by the headband. Particularly in more active types of hunting such as driven hunts, hearing protection that is bulky easily gets caught on bushes or branches.

Hearing protection in all price categories

Fortunately, price alone can never be an excuse for not wearing hearing protection. Because there are very affordable solutions that provide good attenuation and protect you from hearing damage. 

Do you have questions about the right hearing protection for your needs or can't decide on a model?
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