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Camouflage gloves make quick hand movements almost invisible

One of the most critical areas of camouflage for hunting are the hands.

Since game can perceive movements particularly well and can sometimes detect them at great distances, you should place particular emphasis on good camouflage for the parts of the body that move a lot.

This advice applies first and foremost to the hands. Otherwise you will give yourself away too quickly when reaching for your weapon or binoculars and the game will flee.

Avoid contrasts by wearing camouflage gloves in the right camouflage patterns

Movements of the hands are particularly visible because their light skin colour makes them stand out against the background.
To camouflage yourself perfectly, you should avoid precisely these contrasts.

It is best to choose a camouflage suit consisting of camouflage trousers,  camouflage jacket, camouflage mask and camouflage gloves in a look that  differs as little as possible from the surroundings. Ideally, the colour spectrum of your camouflage clothing should also be based on the environment in which you are hunting.

Your contrasts will then be perfectly broken and you will blur in the game's perception with your surroundings.

Which camouflage pattern is the right one for camouflage gloves?

Which camouflage pattern is the right one for your hunting area or hunting ground is often not so easy to determine. The vegetation conditions and the colour spectrum of nature change throughout the year.

In order to introduce you to all the common camouflage patterns and to make it easier for you to choose the right one, we have compiled a camouflage pattern guide for you at. There you will find all relevant information on the different camouflage patterns.

Camouflage gloves according to hunting conditions

At Pirscher Shop we offer a wide range of different camouflage glove models for different types of hunting and weather conditions:

  • Classic camouflage gloves like the  Seeland Lizard glove or the 3D camouflage glove Wood
  • Camouflage gloves for driven hunt like the Härkila Moose Hunter Gloves
  • Warm lined camouflage gloves for icy temperatures like the mittens Realtree Snow

So you'll find the perfect hunting gloves to suit your hunting clothing and your conditions on the ground.

If you have any questions about a particular product, need help choosing the right gloves or are missing a particular product in the shop, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to advising you.