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Hunting trousers for ladies: How to find the right one!

For which type of hunting or hunting occasion do you want to equip yourself? What do you expect from your hunting trousers? Ask yourself these questions before you start looking for a new pair of women's hunting trousers.

This way you can already make a first narrowing down, because: There are now also everyday hunting trousers for women hunters for hunting in the field, lightweight summer hunting trousers for stalking, lined thermal hunting trousers for hunting in winter, especially low-noise hunting trousers for stalking, waterproof hunting trousers for hunting in changeable weather, thorn-proof tracking trousers and sting-proof sow protection trousers.

Choose your women's hunting clothing first and foremost according to the type of hunting you yourself do most often.

Important features of hunting trousers

Depending on the purpose, season and weather conditions, the focus is on a different feature.

High-quality hunting trousers for women are highly functional and are usually characterised by the following features:

  • robust and yet breathable
  • waterproof or at least water-repellent
  • good fit without constricting
  • practical pockets
  • adjustable leg cuffs

Ladies' hunting trousers with stretch for a good fit

When hunting, you need freedom of movement and flexibility.

An optimal fit of the hunting trousers is therefore important. In addition to a feminine cut, a high stretch content also contributes to this. Special materials made of 4-way stretch, a highly elastic fabric, are extremely stretchy and guarantee a figure-hugging fit that does not constrict.

The colour of hunting trousers - just a matter of taste?

Traditionally, hunting trousers are also for ladies plain green or brown. The advantage of such muted colours is on the one hand their insensitivity to dirt. On the other hand, they are less conspicuous in the forest.

However, game does not see colours, but reacts mainly to contrasts.

So if you want to be as invisible as possible, for example to go stalking, a pair of women's hunting trousers in camouflage colours is the better choice. You should choose the camouflage pattern depending on the prevailing vegetation. The various camouflage patterns from the brands Deerhunter, Sitka Gear or Northern Hunting are geared towards this.

For more safety when tracking: sow protection trousers

When the going gets tough during a hunt, you'll be glad you've got the best possible protection with a pair of sow protection trousers .

Whether it's dense bramble hedges or defenceless wild boar, tracking has an increased degree of difficulty and danger for female dog handlers.

A particularly robust, thorn-resistant and stab-proof search trousers with reinforcements made of Cordura or Kevlar provide the necessary protection and give you as a huntress more security.

Lined thermal hunting trousers for the winter hunt

A long winter hunt in freezing temperatures is unthinkable without warm hunting trousers. Thick hunting trousers with heat-insulating lining such as Primaloft keep the cold out.

Tip for cold hunters: Combine your winter hunting trousers with long thermal pants made of cosy merino wool and equip yourself with a cosy warm hunting bag. Then nothing will stand in the way of a relaxed hunt.

Buy Ladies Hunting Trousers at Pirscher Shop

The Pirscher Shop hunting clothing range for women is constantly being expanded. When selecting the goods, we pay particular attention to meeting hunting requirements, good workmanship, practical details and a decent price-performance ratio.

In our shop you will also find the matching hunting jacket for ladies to go with many ladies' hunting trousers

If you are unsure about the size selection or are missing something specific, please contact our customer service.
The experienced hunters will give you the best possible advice.