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Hunting waistcoats: The ideal second layer of clothing

Waistcoats are particularly suitable as a second layer of clothing under the hunting clothing. They ideally protect the upper part of the torso from the cold. Another advantage of a waistcoat is that it is not bulky on the arms. This increases freedom of movement and flexibility when hunting.

Ideal thermal protection for the torso

In low temperatures it is important to keep the core temperature of the body stable. The body tolerates cooling of the extremities such as arms and legs better than a falling core temperature. Waistcoats help to keep the core of the body warm. As an additional layer of warmth under the hunting jacketthermal waistcoats or lined quilted waistcoats are particularly suitable.

Hunting waistcoats - the practical waistcoat option

Waistcoats can be extremely practical:
Many thermal waistcoats , for example, can  be carriedin a backpack tosave space. In the field of hunting waistcoats, the models are often equipped with well-designed pockets in which all important hunting utensils find their place.

Shooting waistcoats for hunting training

As a hunter, you should go to the shooting range at least once a year to improve your clay pigeon skills. Regular training ensures a safe, promising shot when hunting ducks, geese or crows.

At the shooting range it is advantageous to wear a shooting waistcoat: shooting waistcoats have especially large pockets for ammunition. In addition, the shoulder area ispadded. Your shoulder will thank you for this after frequent firing the next day.

High visibility waistcoats ensure safety on a social hunt

On a social hunt, safety is the top priority.

Every hunter should ensure good visibility to other hunters. Especially during the driven hunt visibility cannot be high enough. With a safety waistcoat in the signal colour orange you are well served. The waistcoat can be put on quickly and is not bulky, so that your freedom of movement is maintained.