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Well equipped for roe buck hunting 

The roe buck hunt is one of the highlights of the hunting year for many hunters. The buck jumping onto the leaf fascinates hunters all over the country every year.

As fascinating as this type of hunting is, it is also very demanding. Good preparation, the right roe buck caller and, last but not least, the right hunting equipment often make the difference between success and failure.

Unfortunately, we cannot teach you how to batten. However, with the right mouth and hand bladers from our shop, you can train your skills and thus get the buck to "jump".

When should you call for bucks?

At roe buck hunt, the so-called "dog days" from 22 July to around 15 August count as the most promising period for blattening on the red buck.

The days at the beginning and end of the roe deer rut are particularly effective during this period, as not yet or not so many females are in rut and the bucks are attached to them. Regionally, this phase starts a little earlier or later.

What equipment do you need for leaf hunting?

Since leaf hunting is often done from the ground, the right clothing and camouflage are of course of particular importance.

At Pirscher Shop you will find a wide selection of lightweight camouflage clothing in different camouflage patterns. This means you are perfectly adapted to the conditions on the ground in your hunting area. 

Functional, breathable hunting clothing, for example from the Sitka Gear collection, from Härkila, or from our own brand Pirscher Gear is ideal in warm temperatures with the special camouflage patterns to get as close as possible to the game.

Camouflage is also essential for hands and face

When choosing clothing, don't forget the hands and face. Many a buck has been saved by a light hand when raising the weapon or a quick turn towards the supposed prey.

Use gloves with camouflage pattern and headgear including a face mask, to avoid being seen in hectic situations. 

To roe buck hunt best with a hunting rucksack

What other equipment you carry besides your weapon is ultimately a matter of personal preference. But you should bear in mind that, especially with the roe buck hunt, you often change the place of action in order to hunt different parts of the hunting ground.

A small to medium-sized hunting backpacks, in which hunting utensils such as binoculars, rangefinder, ammunition, knife and a light camouflage net  canfind space, is ideal. This way you also have your hands free in case the right buck already comes in front of your rifle when you change your stand.

Preparation is everything: the right place for battening

Since you can hope for success all day long at roe buck hunt, the location and the time play a special role when blattening.

When temperatures are particularly hot , roe deer become sluggish and retreat to shadier areas of the hunting ground during the day. If you have not taken precautions and have not posted a camouflage umbrella at this point, you will often only have the cooler morning and evening hours to be successful at your classic stalking spots. 

In order to be able to react flexibly to such different situations, you should install several small blinds in the hunting area at promising spots in advance of roe buck season. Such a screen can be set up with the right camouflage nets in just a few steps. Different camouflage patterns allow the camouflage umbrella to blend into the environment and become invisible to the game.

If you are unsure which roe buck hunt equipment or clothing is the most suitable for your case, we will be happy to advise you.