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Hunting Shoes & Boots

Hunting shoes & hunting boots for the hunter

good hunting boot must be one thing above all: Comfortable.

best boot with the greatest features is no use at all if after a few steps you feel a pressure point that becomes more uncomfortable with every step. When buying a hunting boot, hunters should therefore first and foremost make sure that the boot  has a comfortable fit.

Only in second place do functions such as waterproofness or breathability come into play.

Modern hunting boots - as comfortable as running shoes

Modern boots or rubber boots for the hunter are as comfortable as running shoes these days.
A lot has changed in the last few decades: Today, hunting boots are equipped with shock-absorbing cushioning and orthopaedically adapted soles and footbeds. This gives you a good walking feeling even on long marches.

What should a hunting boot be able to do?

First and foremost, the footwear should be comfortable - this cannot be stressed often enough.

In addition, the weather resistance of the shoe plays an important role. When hunting, you are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions and must be able to rely on your shoes. Wet or damp feet cool down more quickly. They are also more susceptible to unpleasant blisters. For this reason, proper hunting boots have a waterproof membrane to prevent moisture from penetrating from the outside.

However, heat and perspiration also cause moisture to form inside the boot. If this collects inside the boot, it opens the door to bacteria and bad foot odours. With high-quality hunting boots, a high level of breathability ensures that the unwanted moisture is wicked away to the outside.

Safe step and stride

Depending on the intended use, the construction of the hunting boot is also crucial.

For long marches and hikes the hunting boot should have the positive characteristics of trekking boots or hiking boots. Trekking and hiking boots have verygood cushioning properties and high walking comfort even with very high weight loads due to heavy luggage and on rough ground.

For hunting in the mountains mountain boots are ideally suited. These often have a very hard and particularly non-slip sole, which is very important when walking on scree or ice. Especially when hunting in the mountains, it therefore makes sense to keep an eye on the safety aspect of the footwear.

No cold feet when hunting in winter

A particularly beautiful form of hunting is the Winter hunt in icy temperatures. However, the joy is soon over when the toes start to freeze. If the cold then spreads slowly and inexorably, it becomes more unbearable with every passing minute.

Especially when hunting in winter, a good winter boot is worth every penny. The special challenge of winter hunting is that the hunter is not allowed to move. This reduces the blood supply to the legs and the feet cool down more quickly. A thickly lined raised hide boot provides a remedy. A highly warming natural material is lambskin .Modern synthetic linings such as Thinsulate or Primaloft also have excellent insulating properties .