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Gaiters: Protection from thorns, water, dirt and snow

Which hunter doesn't know it? Annoying snow, dirt or water like to penetrate from above into the hunting boots .

With a pair of good gaiters, this problem can be easily avoided. Gaiters close the gap between hunting trousers and hunting boots. They overlap over the trousers and the boots respectively and thus prevent stones and other disturbing elements from getting into the boots.

Thorn-proof hunting gaiters: No more pricking at last

When hunting, you come into contact with thorns again and again. The brambles with their defensive thorns have caused many a handler or hunter a lot of trouble.

When pushing through thickets, during the hunt or on the driven hunt the hunter has to make his way through the hedges. So that he can concentrate fully on his work, he should know that he is protected by his gaiters. As thorn-proof material for gaiters   Cordura or Kevlar have proven their worth and have saved many a hunter's leg from unpleasant injuries.

Frequently asked questions about hunting gaiters

How do gaiters work?

Gaiters or gauntlets look like a tube that is pulled over the feet or shoes and over the trousers. This closes the gap between the hunting trousers and the hunting boots. At the upper end, most gaiters have a locking mechanism with which they can be fixed above the calves. At the lower end, the gaiters are fastened with underfoot straps that are passed under the sole of the boot. Many gaiters have additional fastening hooks that are attached to the laces. This prevents the gaiters from slipping up.

What should good gaiters be able to do?

Depending on the area of use, gaiters have different functions and are made of different materials.

  • For stalking through snow or high, damp meadows, the gaiters should be equipped with a waterproof membrane so that drops of water simply run off. This prevents moisture from getting into the shoes and also keeps the trousers dry.
  • If you do a lot of tracking or often go through thorny hedges, you should opt for a thorn-proof version. This provides optimal protection for the legs.
  • For use in extreme cold, there are lined versions that serve as an extra layer of insulation and provide an additional cushion of warmth on the legs.
  • There are even snake-proof gaiters that protect against the bites of poisonous snakes. These are then declared separately as snake-proof.


If you have any further questions about gaiters, please do not hesitate to contact us.