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Braces & Belts for Hunters - Secure Fit Guaranteed

What could be worse than slipping trousers? That's right: not much.

Especially during activities that occur in regular everyday hunting, ill-fitting hunting clothing is annoying. If your hunting trousers slip when you walk or bend over, it's time for braces and belts.

For hunting use: robust and functional

Hunting accessories are usually subject to great stress. Dirt, thorns and movement take their toll. Belts and braces are no different when it comes to hunting.

  • Field work, stalks and hides demand a robust but flexible material
  • Tools and knives should be able to be carried safely without rapid wear and tear on the hunting belt .
  • At the same time, the material  must besoft and comfortable enough not to pinch during longer stalks and hunts

Large selection of selected brands - Matching belts and braces to your hunting trousers

You will find robust and flexible belts made of durable canvas and leather from selected brands such as Fjällraven, Blaser and Härkila.

Especially the canvas belts Fjällräven Canvas Logo Belt or the Blaser Canvas Belt Set are the ideal companions for daily precinct work.

Leather belts are real eye-catchers in addition to their robustness. Belts such as the Blaser reversible leather belt Hubertus or the Fjällräven Murena belt are not only good to wear in the hunting grounds, but are also a chic hunting accessory in your free time or when you are out shooting.

Almost a must in hunting fashion: Härkila braces

The braces of the brand Härkila are almost a must in the wardrobe of a hunter. Wide braces made of an elastic material give you a comfortable feeling and prevent you from cutting in at the shoulder, for example when you bend down.

The robust clips hold the trousers securely and prevent them from slipping. The braces are available in the colours OrangeGreen/Brown and with leather loops for example for leather trousers and tracking trousers.


If you have any questions about one of the products in our shop, if you do not know which size to choose or if you are missing a certain product in our shop, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you in detail.