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Longevity through proper care of Hunting Boots

Just as important as choosing the right hunting boot is taking care of it. Without proper care, the boot may wear out faster than it should. Additionally, waterproof hunting boots can lose their water resistance if the membrane is not properly treated.

To address this, one can use waterproofing sprays that are directly applied to the boot. For leather shoes, there are leather oils or specialized leather waxes. Especially for hunting, there are odorless waterproofing agents to prevent wildlife from being alarmed by unfamiliar scents.

The Right Accessories

During winter, when temperatures drop to freezing levels, no one wants to feel cold. That's why there are heated insoles available for your hunting boots, providing pleasant warmth to your feet. With these, you can endure even the coldest winter nights with toasty feet.

Furthermore, every shoe has wear and tear parts, such as shoelaces, which will eventually need replacement. In our online shop, you can find the appropriate accessories to replace these parts when needed.