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Game cameras - wildlife observation par excellence

Game cameras have revolutionised the observation of game. There is no other way for hunters to observe and photograph game so effectively and independently of time and with so little disturbance. This special type of surveillance camera is therefore indispensable in any hunting equipment

Wildlife cameras provide information about the habits of the game: At what time does it appear at this spot in the hunting ground? How does it behave and what kind of game passes by at all? A lot of information that you as a hunter can make use of.

Game cameras for hunting

With a game camera you can get to know your hunting ground even better. 
There are many possible uses for the self-triggering photo traps:

  • Monitoring of stanchions, traps, game crossings or looting grounds
  • Attracting game
  • Planning the hunt
  • Information on the game population

For example, use such a surveillance camera to test whether a certain location is suitable for a hunting setup.

Invisible surveillance: See, but don't be seen

Having an "eye" on a certain spot at any time of the day or night makes things visible on the hunting ground that would otherwise usually be hidden from view.

Most wildlife cameras run on batteries or are battery-operated and record the captured images or video sequences on a memory card . 

Unlike conventional surveillance cameras or digital cameras, the recording does not run permanently. It only starts when the motion detector is activated. Wildlife cameras also have the advantage of being waterproof and weatherproof . Practical features for such cameras include time lapse and the ability to take night shots .

Popular manufacturers of game cameras for hunting include Dörr and Minox.

Game camera camouflage

Thanks to camouflage printing, the small hunting aids can be attached to a tree or trunk almost invisibly. The printed camouflage pattern blurs the photo trap with its background. This prevents the game from becoming suspicious.

The danger of possible theft is also minimised.

Good picture quality even in the dark

The integrated infrared flash is practically invisible. The infrared flash nevertheless illuminates the field of view of the game camera sufficiently. This means that even in the dark pictures and video recordings can be taken in sufficient image quality. 

The infrared light of the infrared flash is invisible to the human eye as well as to most animals. You therefore run no risk of the game fleeing after the camera has been triggered by the motion detector. Another great advantage of wildlife cameras.

Live on the spot! - Game cameras with radio

Particularly interesting for hunters are game cameras with radio transmission. Thanks to the built-in SIM card, they transmit real-time information to about what is happening at the spot they are watching. This is an ideal way to plan a stalk, for example, if you know exactly that the sows are at the kerb or that the buck you are looking for is at the salt lick. 

Wireless game cameras, such as the Spypoint Solar Link-S game camera, the Dörr Snapshot Multi Mobil 3G or the Minox DTC1100 are equipped with a SIM card and send the recorded images either to a smartphone, tablet or your PC. You can monitor what is happening on your territory in real time!

Anti-theft protection - security for your game camera

In some areas you have to deal with vandalism and theft of hunting equipment. To protect your expensive game camera from this, the Dörr company offers hunting accessories for game cameras to protect it.

The Dörr Universal Protective Housing protects your Dörr game camera from theft, vandalism and the effects of the weather and can be firmly locked.

With a robust Python cable lock, you can anchor your game camera firmly to the nearest tree.

Knowing when the sows are coming - the game clock

Game clocks can be easily anchored to a kerb or a bill of exchange and show you exactly when the game has been at the spot in question. 

If the clock is moved or knocked over, the time remains on the display and gives you the exact time when you check. 

Our digital game control clock is very robust and durable thanks to its waterproof, impact-, shock- and bite-resistant housing and is also very easy to use. A hunting tool that should not be missing at any hunting ground.

Which is the best game camera for your needs? What kind of game camera should I buy? 
Do you have questions about a product or is there something missing in the shop? We will be happy to advise you!