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Hunting rucksack - your practical companion for hunting adventures 

Anyone who has been hunting for a long time knows the problem: Where to put all the hunting equipment?
Breaking tool, rangefinder, thermos flask for tea, binoculars, ammunition, dog leash, hunting licence, ammunition, and, and, and.... All that stuff has to go somewhere.

Although special hunting clothing often has more pockets than conventional clothing, a hunter's rucksack is often more helpful.
A proper hunting rucksack allows you to transport your accessories comfortably.

Which backpack for what?

As is often the case, the right backpack depends on your hunting plans.

Should it be a classic loden backpack, a stalking backpack or a sitting backpack ?

Traditionally, many hunters use the tried and tested mountain rucksack made of loden or canvas. This was originally designed especially for hunting in the mountains. For hunting in places that cannot be reached by car. Because the shot chamois still has to be transported down to the valley somehow. The mountain hunting backpack has the advantage that a chamois or a deer easily fits into the large main compartment. This makes it easy to carry the shot game on your back.

Much has changed since then. Today's hunting rucksacks can do a lot more.

High tech in the backpack

Today's backpacks are packed with high-tech materials and have sophisticated features such as built-in hydration systems, map reading lights and ergonomic carrying systems. Many impulses come from the outdoor and trekking sector.

That's why you'll find many tricks in current hunting rucksack models that originally came from the modern hiking rucksack.

With a seat function, low-noise or particularly robust?

For many types of hunting, such as driven hunts, a sitting backpack is a great advantage. Especially during driven hunts, the hunter often has to wait. Sometimes you are not allocated a seat. Then you have to stand for several hours. A hunting rucksack with integrated seating is a real blessing in such moments.

For the stalk or the stalk hunting backpacks made of quiet loden or canvas material are very popular. A loden rucksack can be opened and closed almost silently. Particularly during a raised hide, it is important to make as little noise as possible.

If you need a particularly robust hunting rucksack, you can use natural materials such as leather or polyester. Leather backpacks are very soft, but at the same time extremely robust and stable. If you prefer something more modern and above all lighter, Canvas material such as the extremely robust polyester 1000D is suitable for you.