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More safety for the hunting dog with dog protection vests

The job of a hunting dog is quite a dangerous one: Defenceless game or busy roads have been the undoing of many a four-legged hunting helper. This makes it all the more important to pay special attention to the protection of the do.

And: What would a hunter be without his hunting dog?

Moreover, hunting dogs are usually important family members. The loss of a four-legged hunting companion is therefore always particularly tragic.

As hunters we should - apart from a consistent training of the four-legged friend - choose only the best equipment for his health. A dog protection waistcoat should not be missing.

Hunting wild boar - With this waistcoat you can protect your dog from pack shots

The hunt for wild boar has become more and more the focus of the hunting community: The bristle-bearers have spread to all parts of Germany due to their high reproduction rate and sometimes cause enormous damage to agriculture.

It is clear that the hunting ambitions of many hunters are aimed at the cunning wild boar.

But the enormous hunting pressure of recent years has also made the wild boar smarter.

Only with a great deal of dog effort can the black boars be pushed out of their hiding places and brought in front of the shooters. Again and again, sows take advantage of this and confront the hunting dogs.

Boars, but also bucks, can cause great damage to the dogs with their sharp weapons or hooks in the quarry.

Especially as not every dog knows when it is better to keep some distance and so it happens that hunting dogs are injured or even killed again and again.

To minimise the risk of injury to your four-legged friend, you should equip him with a protective waistcoat for dogs on every sow hunt.

Tip: Sow protection waistcoat with Kevlar reinforcement

The dog protection waistcoat Kevlar reliably protects your hunting dog from stings in the most vulnerable areas without restricting his mobility.

In addition, a GPS device can be stowed in the impact protection waistcoat, with which you can locate your dog at any time. 

The eye-catching signal colours mean you can quickly see your dog and fellow hunters will also recognise a dog wearing high-visibility waistcoat much more quickly.

Long hunting days in the cold or at the water - with a protective waistcoat your hunting dog stays warm

Hunting days can be long. Especially when the weather is really bad.

As a hunter, this doesn't bother you much. You can protect yourself perfectly against the cold and wet with the right clothing.

But what about your four-legged friend who retrieves one duck after the next from the icy water all day long? Or protruding one pheasant after the next in the soaking wet mustard?

Even the thickest coat will eventually no longer protect your four-legged friend from the cold and he will get cold. It is clear that this is not good for your dog's health.

With a dog waistcoat your dog will hunt much longer without being exposed to the cold.

Neoprene waistcoats for dogs not only protect your dog from the cold, but also give him buoyancy when swimming and even function as a dog life jacket.

In addition, the waistcoats have a camouflage print which keeps the dog from being spotted by incoming game.

Do you have questions about dog waistcoats in general or a special  product in our shop? Or do you not know which size to order for your dog?

Please feel free to contact us. We will advise you in detail.