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Harvest Time - Everything for a Safe Harvest Hunt

As game populations of wild boar increase, causing more damage to corn and wheat fields, effective game hunting becomes increasingly relevant. Good planning and safety are of utmost importance. Alongside the selection of marksmen, positioning of stands, and planning of the hunting day, other factors such as timing are crucial. Hunting during the harvest season means dealing with high temperatures and demanding, adverse conditions, especially for our hunting dogs. Hence, having the right hunting equipment is all the more important.

Orange - THE Color for a safe Harvest Hunt

Visibility is key for a safe harvest hunt. Summery signal clothing for hunting is therefore a must. An ideal choice for hot days during the harvest hunt is a cap in a highly visible orange. This way, shooters and dog handlers can be noticed from a distance by fellow hunters.

Equipment for Dog Handlers - The Right Gear for Hunting Dog and Handler

For a harvest hunt, a signal vest is mandatory. Dog handlers should also consider protecting their hunting dogs from wild boars. A dog tracking system like the one offered by Garmin provides additional safety and control. Important: Always ensure there's enough drinking water available for the hunting dog, and provide a brief cooling down before and after a successful hunt. A high-energy snack has also proven its worth in hunting practice.

Mobile Elevated Hunting Stands and Climbing Seats - Flexibility for (Not Just) the Harvest Hunt

Choosing the right positions is a crucial factor for safety and hunting success. With a mobile elevated hunting stand or a climbing seat, you gain flexibility and can adapt ideally to the hunting situation. A wise investment for harvest hunts, drive hunts, and everyday sits.

We wish you a safe and successful harvest hunting day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.