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Hunting equipment & accessories: Everything for the hunt

The right hunting equipment does not make a better hunter, but it does make hunting immensely easier.

  • Aiming sticks , for example, help to make a clean shot.
  • A comprehensive cutting kit makes the work of cutting up game much more pleasant
  • and a well-padded rifle sling brings noticeable relief when carrying the hunting rifle.

However, the following applies: "Hunting equipment should support the hunter in the practice of hunting, but not take away the hunt from him."

The basic equipment: hunting knife, binoculars and hunting rucksack

 In addition to the hunting weapon and the right hunting clothing, the basic equipment of every hunter naturally includes the hunting knife, binoculars and a rucksack:

A good hunting knife is indispensable for the hunter. After the shot comes the "red work" and without sharp hunting tools nothing goes here. A good pair of binoculars is indispensable for observing game and for a clean approach to the game. As a hunter, you should not skimp on these. The better the quality of the glass, the better the binoculars will work, even at dusk and at night.  A robust  hunting rucksack with plenty of storage space is ideal fortransporting all your hunting equipment.

State-of-the-art hunting accessories

Not only hunting has changed over the decades. The accessories for hunting have also moved with the times:  Today,real high-tech products are in use in the hunting grounds.

The modern hunter monitors his stanchions with game camerasAutomatic feeders regularly and completely autonomously spread the kirren feed. Whereas in the past the hunter had to estimate distances with the naked eye, today a quick glance through the rangefinder is enough. Even the moonless night is no longer a problem these days thanks to night vision devices and powerful torches .

When choosing hunting accessories, however, it is not only about technical gadgets. Particular attention should be paid to safety aspects . Technical progress also helps with this aspect: Whereas in the past one would have accepted hearing damage, today one relies on active electronic hearing protectors with noise amplifiers.

Hunting accessories for decoy hunting

Decoy hunting is one of the most attractive types of hunting: the hunter is faced with the challenge of trickily outwitting the game. Acoustic decoys, lures or decoy dummies are used to attract game.

Every hunter will confirm this from his own experience: It is a great feeling of success when the shy roebuck responds to the battening with the roe buck call. It feels at least as good when you outwit the clever birds with crow decoys and lures while crow hunting.