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Driven hunt clothing: hunt more successfully when properly dressed

When choosing your hunting clothing for the driven hunt, there are a few things to consider. What characteristics does the hunter's clothing need for a driven hunt?

Good driven hunt clothing is...

  • in signal colours
  • warm
  • water-repellent
  • robust
  • quiet
  • comfortable

So you can play it safe and brave any weather.

Driven hunts together - hunting among like-minded people

Driven hunts are the highlight of the hunting year for many hunters. Whether with the hounds in the drive or waiting tensely in the stand. What could be better than hunting together with friends and like-minded people?

As beautiful as this type of hunting is, it can be very painful. If you are cold or wet to the socks because you are wearing the wrong clothes and are not allowed to leave your driven hunt stand, the fun quickly stops.

The same applies to dog handlers and beaters, who fight their way through undergrowth and thorns to get the game in front of the shooters. Some of them have to pull the thorns out of their legs one by one after the hunt because they did not use the right materials.

Safety is the top priority when hunting

In the meantime, it has become obligatory to wearsignal clothing  on social hunts to wear. The motto is to stand out, but at the same time not be seen.

Clearly visible to others in bright orangecamouflage patterns such as Realtree Blaze break the hunter's outline to colour-restricted game. This enables the hunter to let the game approach him at suitable shooting distances without being noticed by it.

Driven hunts place high demands on the hunter

During the hunt it is important to keep the senses alert and not to miss any approaching game. The approaching beaters must also be spotted in good time.

The right driven hunt equipment - freeze or hunt?

The right hunting equipment is a decisive factor in a shooter's success, in addition to his or her skills with the weapon.

The demands on the equipment and especially on the driven hunt clothing of the hunter are different depending on the task vary depending on the task.

  • The  driver or dog handler relies on robust, thorn-proof clothing, which also offers good protection against moisture.
  • For thehunter waiting in the stand   it is important to have very warm, comfortable hunting clothing that protects against rain and snow.

The right hunting clothes for walk-throughs and stand shooters

For the active hunter you will find in our shop especially with the clothing lines of Hart and Swedteam robust and functional clothing that will not let you down in the field. What could be worse than having to let a pack of sows pass in the snow because your fingers are frozen stiff or you were not paying attention because the rain is already running down the collar of your hunting jacket? 

With hunting jackets and hunting trousers from the brands HärkilaPinewoodDeerhunter and many others, we offer you a wide selection to equip you perfectly for the next driven hunt.

The right combination - dressed appropriately for all weather conditions

It is a good idea to wear a combination of several layers for hunting. This way you get a functional but warming garment, with which you can react perfectly to different conditions and situations. However, you should bear in mind that you will still be visible to other hunters after taking off the hunting jacket you still have to remain clearly visible to other hunters. A fleece pullover or a fleece jacket in a signal colour, which you can wear under the actual Hunting jacket is ideal for this purpose.

Gaiters complete the hunter's hunting equipment for driven hunts. They protect the legs from thorns and wetness on the way to the driven hunt stand and when retrieving the game.

With the right equipment, nothing stands in the way of a successful driven hunt season and you can concentrate on the important things during the hunt.

If you have any questions about the best clothing for your needs or if you are missing a certain model in our shop, we will be happy to advise you.