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Deerhunter - Royale hunting clothing

The traditional brand Deerhunter has been producing functional hunting clothing since 1985. The family business F. Engel K/S has been in existence since 1927 and is now run by the fourth generation.

Deerhunter has made it its goal to convince with hunting clothing with the highest technical functionality and quality . All this at a reasonable price-performance ratio.

The company designs its own clothing and also manufactures its own products. With this philosophy, Deerhunter has made it as far as the Danish royal family: in 2009, the company received the award "Royal Danish Court Supplier". Today, Deerhunter is sold in over 30 countries and has become a popular brand worn by many hunters for hunting and leisure.

Top quality and functionality

Deerhunter relies on the latest technological developments in the textile sector and can look back on 30 years of development experience. The many years of professional work have resulted in a number of high-quality in-house developments, particularly in the field of membranes.

Deer-Tex membrane

In its hunting clothing, Deerhunter relies heavily on its own developed Deer-Tex membrane, which is specially designed for the rough requirements of hunting. 

  • The membrane makes hunting jackets and hunting trousers 100 % waterproof and extremely windproof.
  • At the same time it is highly breathable.
  • Deerhunter even gives a full 5-year guarantee on the Deer-Tex membrane!

Deer-X-Dura reinforcement

The Deer-X-Dura reinforcement provides high tear resistance and robustness for particularly hard-wearing garments.

  • It is often found in Deerhunter hunting trousers
  • The material is extremely robust and at the same time remains very flexible.
  • It thus guarantees a high degree of freedom of movement and thus makes the clothing comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Deerhunter Camo

In addition to the well-known licensed Realtree Camo pattern, Deerhunter also offers its own developments. These are specially adapted to European hunting needs and the local vegetation.

Deerhunter's own camouflage patterns include for example

  • the pattern Innovation and
  • the new digital camo pattern IN-EQ.
  • All patterns are also available in the eye-catching orange Blaze variant, which provides more safety during driven hunts or social hunts.

The right clothing for every hunt

Whether for the winter hunt or the stalk in summer: the Deerhunter range offers specially adapted product lines for many types of hunting. The modular Muflon series is ideal for winter. This consists of a warm hunting jacket that can be reinforced with zip-in jackets as needed. The Deerhunter Rusky series is also specially designed for the needs of winter hunting. With the Deerhunter Predator hunting clothing with Deerhunter Camo pattern, the active hunter is well equipped for stalking in the forest. Deerhunter even has the right hunting clothes for the African steppe. The airy Savannah clothing series, for example, is specially designed for use in hot temperatures.