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Hunting gloves: Warm multi-talents

For the hunter, gloves often fulfil several tasks at the same time:

  • Warm fingers alone are not enough.
  • The coverings for the hands must also ensure a safe shot .
  • In addition, they often also serve camouflage purposes

Hunting gloves = gloves for special requirements

Hunters place special demands on their gloves.

On the one hand, the gloves should be as warm as possible. On the other hand, the delicate trigger of the hunting rifle should be easy and safe to operate. Unfortunately, this is contradictory with many gloves. Warmth can often only be guaranteed by a thick lining, while for shooting, however, the thinnest possible material is needed.

Shooting gloves - for safe shooting despite gloves

Shooting with gloves is not very popular with many hunters and shooters. For a safe shot, you need a very fine feeling on the trigger. The glove, however, dampens this fingertip feeling.

In winter temperatures, this poses a challenge to the hunter or sport shooter. Not only a thick glove, but also the cold makes the fingers stiff and coarse. So there is no way around gloves.

Special hunting or shooting gloves can provide relief: In some models, the material on the important index finger is deliberately kept thin. Often even the front part of the finger can be folded down. Foldable mittens are also very helpful and facilitate safe shooting.

Requirements for hunting gloves in summer

Depending on the season and the area of use, the requirements for hunting gloves also change. For example, it is particularly important tocamouflage the hands when hunting , stalking or sitting on the open ladder. You are often clearly visible and your light hands are constantly moving: you pick up your binoculars, eat a snack or just wipe your face.

All these movements are visible to the game. This is where camouflage camouflage gloves come in and ensure that the light hands are no longer visible.

Winter gloves for hunting

For hunting in winter the gloves should primarily protect against cold. But rain combined with cooler temperatures can also be extremely uncomfortable. Good winter gloves are therefore equipped with a windproof or waterproof membrane .

Additional warmth is provided by a lining made of Thinsulate or Primaloft. As always, care should be taken to ensure that the trigger finger is as thin or foldable  as possible. Warm muffs can also be used as an alternative to the gloves.