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Hunting trousers: How to find the right hunting trousers

Hunting trousers are as versatile as hunting itself: There is a suitable pair of hunting trousers for every hunting purpose and every hunting requirement.

The range on the hunting clothing market is huge: The hunter can choose between natural materials such as leather and cotton, or synthetically produced fabrics. In the latter case, the choice ranges from simple polyester to stab-resistant Kevlar, which promises ideal safety for hunting sows.

Ultimately, however, hunting use and weather conditions determine whether and when a pair of trousers is "the right one".

Hunting trousers: The workhorse among hunting trousers

Every hunter needs a reliable pair of trousers for everyday hunting  and for regular work on the hunting ground.

What features are important in good everyday hunting trousers?

Advantageous in hunting trousers for everyday use is a waterproof membrane - even when it is not raining. Otherwise, when walking through damp meadows or high grass, normal fabric trousers quickly absorb the moisture. A membrane prevents this.

When working in the field, a high degree of freedom of movement is also an advantage, so you should pay attention to a certain stretch content. 

In addition, heavily used areas such as the knees or leg cuffs should be reinforced so that the trousers will give you pleasure for a long time. 

Stalking trousers: Actively pursuing game

When stalking, the hunter walks a lot and sometimes through rough terrain. Here, freedom of movement plays a major role for the purchase of suitable trousers: A stretchy material that adapts to movement increases the wearing comfort.

It is also important that the material of a pair of stalking trousers is soft and supple to avoid unnecessary noise. 

Sometimes the hunter has quite a bit of hunting equipment with him when stalking, such as a game call, rangefinder and ammunition. To ensure that all this can be stowed safely, hunting trousers should have many trouser pockets and offer sufficient storage space.

The Ansitz trousers: Wait, wait and wait

At Ansitz the hunter has to sit still and as inconspicuously as possible - and usually for a long period of time. A pair of Ansitz trousers should therefore be warm, quiet and comfortable. These properties guarantee you hunting success and enjoyment when stalking predators, wild boar and other game.

Every hunter will confirm it: Nothing is more annoying than when you finally catch sight of game and scare it away by rustling your trousers. That's why when choosing trousers you should make sure they are as silent as possible. Especially fleece or loden trousers are very quiet and have therefore proved to be the best choice for a raised hide.

Ansitz trousers should also be warm. Since you hardly move, you cool down more quickly. Therefore, hunting trousers should be lined according to the prevailing temperature. 

Permeable trousers or trousers to protect against sows

Sometimes the going gets tough during a hunt. The hunter has to fight his way through thick, thorny brambles or face defensible wild boar.

Whether you are a search guide, dog handler or simply protecting yourself:
A pair of robust and thorn-proof hunting trousers never hurts. Anyone who has ever had a close encounter with a boar knows exactly why.

That is why particularly robust materials such as Cordura, Para-Amid or Kevlar are used for trousers. These materials not only protect against thorns, but have also saved lives and defused attacks by defenceless wild boar on several occasions.