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Camouflage for hunting - Why does the head matter most?

If you want to camouflage yourself successfully for certain types of hunting, you should pay particular attention to the parts of your body that move quickly. The hands and head in particular are moved at the latest when the weapon is brought to bear - and are thus particularly visible to the game. In addition, hands and face are usually very bright compared to the surroundings. This creates a clearly visible contrast. These high-contrast movements can be easily recognised by game even from a great distance.

Camo caps: Fashionably appealing and extremely practical

To avoid problematic contrasts as completely as possible when hunting, a Camouflage Cap should always be part of your camouflage outfit. A Realtree Cap not only camouflages you with its special hunting camouflage pattern, but also shades your face with its visor.

Special camouflage caps such as the  Seeland Caps with mesh or our Cap with camouflage mesh additionally disguise your face with an integrated face mask. Such caps are especially interesting for aerial game hunters, as with these caps you can look out of a camouflage umbrella almost undetected.

Camouflage caps: Camouflage in colder temperatures

A lot of body temperature is lost over the head . For colder days you will find at Pirscher Shop, in addition to the camouflage baseball caps, also the matching camouflage hat. Warm camouflage hats in various camouflage patterns from Deerhunter, Fjällräven or Härkila keep your head and ears from freezing and also camouflage you.

In icy winds we recommend hunting caps with an integrated windproof membrane, which insulate even better.

Signal camouflage patterns: Camouflage caps for social hunting

Social hunts are becoming more and more important for hunting in Germany. So that you don't have to do without your usual camouflage cap on these hunts and are still clearly visible to your fellow hunters, you will find a selection of camouflage caps and caps in signal colours such as orange and blaze optics in our range, which are nevertheless not conspicuous for cloven-hoofed game.

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